Only 30% of civil servant applicants pass ability test

Just 30% aspiring civil servants passed the government’s comprehensive ability evaluation.
Earlier this week, the SAR government published a list of final grades for the exam.
The exam was organized on July 26. Around 14,323 people applied to take the exam but only 76% of applicants sat the test. This is the fourth exam that has been run for the assessment of integrated skills after the amendment of the Administrative Regulation No. 23/2017.
The results are classified as “pass” and “not pass” and the cut-off for passing was 50 points.
The highest performer scored 93 points, and over 200 examinees scored over 70 points. The exam had a pass rate of 30%, with a total of 3,321 examinees passing.
The test results are valid for three years. Candidates who qualify and meet other legal requirements can apply to work for the public department as vehicle inspectors, technical counselors, public relations supervisors, driving test examiners, postal counseling technicians, and other types of jobs.
These individuals can apply for these jobs within three years. The exam results are valid until September 1, 2023.
In the fourth quarter of this year, the integrated skill assessment exam will be open to the undergraduate level. JZ

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