Police confirm dead body found on Hac Sa Beach

The Judiciary Police (PJ) have confirmed that a dead body was found yesterday afternoon after a reader of the Times provided a lead about the discovery in Hac Sa early yesterday morning.
Later that afternoon, the PJ sent a text message confirming the discovery.
The law-enforcement entity disclosed that at around 7:30 a.m. yesterday morning they received a report from the Fire Services Bureau about the discovery of the body of a man on the beach between rescuer posts 2 and 3.
The Fire Services Bureau was notified of a sighting at 7 a.m. A member of the public, who was exercising at the time, spotted a floating object that resembled a human body.
After a preliminary inspection, the PJ found that the body had decomposed severely after spending an extensive amount of time in the water. The head, right arm and some muscle and skin were missing from the body.
The victim was a man around 1.75 meters tall.
The police have categorized the case as a dead body discovery. AL

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