Repatriated students offer feedback on return missions

Several returning students have expressed their thoughts on how the government could have better conducted repatriation missions from Europe and North America via Hong Kong.
The comments were made in an online video show hosted by the General Association of Chinese Students of Macao (AECM). Three students, who had returned home through previous retrieval missions, were invited onto the latest episode of the show to discuss the topic.
One of the students, surnamed Lei, recalled that the hotel he stayed for the 14-day quarantine period had two options for nucleic acid testing – either nasopharynx or throat swabs. These were separately collected by two teams. Lei discovered that the teams did not communicate, causing confusion among those who were quarantined.
A second student, surnamed Chan, said that overseas students had no family support and direct access to crucial information, causing stress to these individuals. Chan hopes people in Macau will be more mindful of the needs of returning students. AL

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