SSM denies accusation of sponsoring non-local’s healthcare

The Health Bureau (SSM) has denied sponsoring a Malaysian national who is said to have received a medical service in the Macau SAR.
According to a statement released by the SSM, an online rumor alleged that a blue-card holder from Malaysia had been receiving treatment at Conde S. Januário Hospital (CHCSJ) and that the hospital did not have the extracorporeal circulation machine the patient needed.
Thus, the patient applied to the SSM for a subsidy to access a machine in Kiang Wu Hospital.
According to the statement, a false rumor accused the SSM of approving the Malaysian’s application while refusing to grant the subsidy to Macau residents.
The SSM has denied all accusations. The bureau said the CHCSJ has been equipped and using an extracorporeal circulation machine for many years.
The health authority also clarified that only Macau residents are eligible for healthcare subsidies and only in circumstances where such Macau residents meet all requirements. The bureau has never approved any subsidies to non-local people to receive medical treatment in Kiang Wu hospital, said the SSM.
In addition to the clarification, the SSM also made remarks regarding the online rumor, urging members of the public not to release fake information. JZ

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