Person of the Year | Sulu Sou: An inconvenient voice

The eventful year of 2017 will forever be remembered by the young activist and lawmaker who defied the odds and was elected on September 17 to the AL

The event of the year | Typhoon Hato: A city taken by storm

The most severe typhoon in half a century swept into Macau on August 23 causing unprecedented loss of life and damage to infrastructure throughout the city. The

The case | Ho Chio Meng: The top prosecutor’s downfall

Who would imagine some years ago that the region’s former top prosecutor, Ho Chio Meng, would be arrested in February 2016 and later sentenced to 21 years in

Politics shaped the year in books in 2017

For book readers in 2017, the choice was often between imagining the worst, hoping for the best or escaping entirely. The most widely read works of

2017 Year In Review: Chronology

January Thousands of citizens demonstrated against the government’s proposed fee hike for several services related to the Transport Bureau, especially those concerning vehicle removal

MDT/AP top 10 albums | SZA, Lamar, Swift dominate list

1.  SZA, “Ctrl”: As the beat of the opening track of SZA’s debut album played at a concert this week in New York City, the entire venue

MDT/AP Top 10 Films | From maximalist cinema to crafty storytelling

1. “Call Me By Your Name” -  It’s a funny year for a love story as blissful as this. Much has already been said about

AP Poll | Top 10 news stories : The year of #MeToo

The wave of sexual misconduct allegations that toppled Hollywood power brokers, politicians, media icons and many others was the top news story of 2017, according to The

Friday, December 29, 2017 – edition no. 2956

* Macau Daily Times person of the year | Sulu Sou: Lawmaker * A guide: where to go for the new year’s countdown * Government to curb employment agency fees * US should

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