AL election – Analysis | Society divisions responsible for surprise election results

Macau elections tend to have few surprises, but Sunday’s produced many. A somewhat dramatic redistribution of power among the 14 directly elected lawmakers, underpinned by the

The aftermath | Return of the pan-democrats

The consolidation of the democrat faction in the Legislative Assembly (AL) is the single most important electoral shift to come out of Sunday’s election. With the

AL election | Conservatives and democrats both winners

Mak Soi Kun was the most voted candidate in yesterday’s Legislative Assembly (AL) elections. According to the official data released early morning today, Mak got 17,207 votes

Editorial | Pan-democrats, Hato and hate

He was bluffing. By 10pm yesterday, Jason Chao shared via several online platforms a link to a page where New Macau would announce the universal suffrage unofficial

CE and high-ranked officials called on voters to participate

The Chief Executive (CE) Chui Sai On, called on all voters to exercise their voting rights and select their preferred representatives to earn a seat in the

CCAC says breakfasts were not electoral corruption

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) considered that light meals provided to some elderly residents are not to be considered as cases of electoral corruption, the commissioner André

Voter turnout rises two percentage points

Voter turnout in yesterday’s election was in line with expectations and similar to that of previous Legislative Assembly elections, rising two percentage points from the previous election

Sulu Sou bags election victory for New Macau’s young ‘radicals’

The mood was jubilant this morning at the headquarters of the New Macau Association, as the city’s youngest lawmaker was confirmed. According to the official

Int’l media expected establishment forces to hold strong

International media coverage of Macau’s election has been generally scarce, though a few outlets chipped in with their analysis and predictions. The South China Morning Post

Insight | Authoritarianism and paranoia

1. As I pen this down, it would be too early to comment on the legislative election results, but it is possible to comment on the campaign. Comparing

New candidates bring new iconography

This year’s campaign for a seat at the Legislative Assembly (AL) brought with it new lists and new iconography. Notable newcomers include strong graphic representations, such

Editorial | I vote CAEAL

“Prognostics? Only after the game.” (João Pinto, Portuguese footballer) The Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) added another dumb rule on Wednesday to the

Briefs | CCAC may investigate candidates

A representative of the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) said that an investigation may be launched into a campaign action by the list headed by Mak Soi Kun and

Campaign imagery | Experienced candidates keep traditional image

While the new lists try their own visual identities, traditional and incumbent candidates stand by their well-known public symbols. Agnes Lam still bears the Civic Watch

Heated debate between Portuguese-speaking candidates

The third candidate of Melinda Chan’s List 18 – “Aliança Pr’a Mudança” , Jorge Neto Valente, has publicly accused the head of List 6 – “Nova Esperança”

AL election | Cloee Chao focuses on gaming employees’ welfare

Cloee Chao, founder of the Macau Gaming Industry Frontline Workers’ Union and first candidate of list 25, “Linha de Frente dos Trabalhadores de Casinos,” said that

AL election | Housing, universal suffrage, and govt’s transparency among top demands

The political platform of Au’s group – list 13 in the legislative election – prioritizes housing policies. It urges the government to make use of Macau’s

Kapok | Unfair it is

In a two-round election, you follow your heart in the first round and trust your brain in the second. In Macao, we only have one round, so both

Every vote counts when the system is controversial

Every vote counts. This oft-repeated mantra is perhaps nowhere truer than in the case of Macau’s unusual voting method for the 14 directly elected

Our Desk | On AL elections, who is who?

Political groups have been taking it up a gear in their current election campaigns, as it is just four days shy of the city’s Legislative Assembly (AL) elections.

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