Ask the Vet | 14 Dog Breeds Good for Human Allergies

14 Dogs Good For Allergies •Chinese Crested •Maltese •Shih Tzu •Poodle •Schnauzer •Yorkshire Terrier •Havanese •Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier •Bedlington Terrier •Kerry Blue Terrier •Puli •Irish Water Spaniel • "Doodle" Dogs Recently, “doodle” dogs have become popular. These are hybrid crosses of certain popular breeds

Ask the Vet | Is Putting a Cat or Dog to Sleep Inevitable?

Many pet owners face the issue of euthanasia at some point in their lives. While many owners choose euthanasia in the face of elderly cat diseases and older cat symptoms,

Ask The Vet | Nail Care Tips for Dogs

As a rule of thumb, a dog’s nails should be trimmed when they touch the ground. For leisurely living dogs, that might mean weekly pedicures, while urban dogs who stalk

Ask the Vet | 10 Dog illness symptoms that require emergency care

1. Loss of Consciousness A change in consciousness can manifest as sudden collapse, tremors, staggering, sudden withdrawal or lack of responsiveness, coma, convulsions or sudden blindness. A dog may also exhibit

Ask the Vet | 3 Ways to Lower Your Dog’s Heartworm Treatment Cost

1. Prevention The easiest and cheapest way to treat heartworm is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. There are a wide variety of preventative heartworm medicines that can

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