US, Australia sign military cooperation pact

Lolita C. Baldor, Sydney The U.S. and Australia signed an agreement yesterday that will allow the two countries’ militaries to train and work better together as U.S. Marines and airmen deploy in and

AUSTRALIA Newspaper: Terrorist’s son poses in gruesome photo 

An Australian newspaper yesterday published a photograph of a child it said was the son of an Australian convicted terrorist holding aloft the severed head of a Syrian soldier. Prime Minister

THAILAND | Australia may intervene in surrogate baby case

Australia’s government is considering intervening in the case of a baby with Down syndrome who was left with a Thai surrogate mother by his Australian biological parents, with a minister

Sri Lankan asylum seekers fly to Australia

More than 150 Sri Lankan asylum seekers who languished on an Australian customs vessel for weeks have been temporarily brought to a detention center on Australia's mainland where their identities

AUSTRALIA | AIDS conference honors victims of jet crash

An international AIDS conference opened in Australia yesterday with a tribute to several delegates who were killed en route to the gathering when their plane was shot down over Ukraine. Officials

Australia says new Japanese ties won’t slow China trade deal

Australia’s agreements with Japan over security and commerce aren’t hampering efforts to strike a free-trade deal this year with China, its biggest economic partner, according to Trade Minister Andrew Robb. Japan

Australia, Japan sign free trade, defense deals

Kristen Gelineau, Sydney Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe met with his Australian counterpart yesterday to sign agreements bolstering defense and trade ties between the countries. The defense deal, which involves the transfer

INDONESIA | Country divided in close presidential race

Niniek Karmini, Jakarta As the world's third-largest democracy prepares to elect a new president today, Indonesians are divided between two very different choices: a one-time furniture maker and a wealthy ex-army

Australia returns asylum seekers to Sri Lanka

Kristen Gelineau, Sydney Australia’s government confirmed yesterday that it had handed over a boatload of asylum seekers to Sri Lankan authorities in a transfer at sea, drawing outrage from human rights

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