August to Remember | How much has changed one year since Hato?

Photos by Renato Marques (MDT Archive) Today marks exactly one year since one of the deadliest typhoons to ever have struck Macau made landfall in the

13,000 SMEs applied for gov’t short-term aid

A total of 13,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have filled applications in order to request aid, provided under a government plan to alleviate the effects of Typhoon Hato

Typhoon Hato | Tax rebate for flooded vehicles to include backdate mechanism

Financial Services Bureau (DSF) director Iong Kong Leong has clarified that the proposed tax reduction on flooded or heavily damaged vehicles that are traded in for new

City in need of sturdier tree species after Hato

As Typhoon Hato reportedly damaged or uprooted as many as 10,000 trees, with over 4,000 of those needing to be destroyed, some experts have called for

Seeking solutions for ‘too much in our bins’

The extraordinarily high quantity of waste produced during the typhoon last week and early this week has aggravated an ongoing situation – namely, the inability

CCAC probes weather bureau over Hato forecast, mismanagement

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has initiated an inquiry into the procedures of the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) for typhoon forecasting and internal management of

Hato also brought stories of solidarity and mutual help

It was mid-morning on Wednesday, August 23, when Typhoon Hato violently hit Macau, creating dreadful havoc for anything in its path. Almost all the areas

SMG won’t rule out Signal 8 for Sunday storm

The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) has warned that it is not ruling out the possibility of hoisting Signal 8 on Sunday in response to a tropical depression that is

Death toll rises to nine as rescue operations continue

As rescue operations continue after the passage of super-typhoon Hato, the number of casualties continues to rise. Authorities have confirmed yesterday (Thursday) another three deaths, which

Weather bureau chief resigns following heavy criticism

The long-criticized Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) head, Fong Soi Kun, has resigned from his post, following criticism from residents and lawmakers regarding the bureau’s failure to

Residents raid fire hydrants in search of water

Macau experienced a water crisis yesterday which saw much of the city left without a stable water supply, even as the electricity provision was gradually restored. Due to

Gov’t to issue compensation for deceased, injured, damages

 The government organized a press conference yesterday to report the latest updates regarding Wednesday’s typhoon. Led by Chief Executive Chui Sai On, Secretary for Administration and Justice

Macau Red Cross on standby

The Macau Red Cross is on standby to provide disaster relief efforts should Macao Water not have the water situation under control by this morning, the organization

Eight killed in Guangdong | A man paddles a kayak along a flooded street in Guangzhou

Typhoon Hato has left at least eight people dead in Guangdong Province. According to the Zhuhai government’s official announcement and other mainland reports, four of the deceased

Hato: At least five dead in wake of typhoon devastation

Macau was left in a state of devastation today (Wednesday) after the strongest typhoon on local record swept past the city, killing at least five people. Between the early hours of

Typhoon rampages through Macau leaving trail of destruction

The Macau Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) hoisted Signal 10 today, shortly before midday, as the city braced for possibly the most destructive typhoon

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