Macau Matters | A global call for climate action

The recent plea for strong action to combat climate change at a UN Climate Action Summit in New York by Greta Thunberg, a16 year old climate activist from Sweden, was

Macau Matters | Get your seaweed here

Climate change, population growth, agricultural and other wastes and other problems are making our planet uninhabitable for humans. Luckily, seaweed can help us, but it will not solve

Macau Matters | Cashless Macau Revisited

In January and December of 2016 I wrote a couple of articles about how Macau should be proactively going cashless. Unfortunately, not much seems to have happened since then,

Macau Matters | Crowd-sourced data collection

Premise ( is a recently formed data collection and analysis company based in San Francisco. It plans to recruit, and pay, large numbers of people to use their

Macau Matters | Shenzhen’s new EV Horizon

I subscribe to the electronic newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Institute (, which is a well-known, U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to researching, consulting, and educating in the field

Macau Matters | School mobile phone bans

I grew up in the age before mobile technology. All my school work was done on paper, and we were limited to textbooks and the local school and

Macau Matters | A comedy of errors

To fulfill some family commitments, my wife and I flew to the US on a recent Sunday morning. To avoid the pain and stress of getting up at

Macau Matters | Troubles with Pork

I am a bit surprised that I have not heard about rising pork prices in Macau. But, I loathe all kinds of shopping, including for food, and we

Macau Matters | Dementia in Macau

A few years ago I had the very sad experience of not being recognized by an old family friend who had been institutionalized because of dementia. This larger

Macau Matters | A carbon neutral Macau

As I have previously stated in these articles, the science underpinning our understanding of climate change is irrefutable. Only the most selfish and pathological Luddites can believe, or

Macau Matters | A Shenzhen Adventure

A Hong Kong friend was my recent tour guide to visit some high, medium and low end furniture centers in deepest, darkest Shenzhen. I got up very early

Macau Matters | America’s real crisis – opioid overdose deaths

The February 23rd issue of The Economist contains a very sobering article about the opioid crisis currently unfolding in America. This problem can be effectively modeled as a

Macau Matters | The Re-Emerging Measles Threat

Every time a crackpot tells us that vaccinations have some problem the world becomes a more dangerous place. Science is based on empirical facts, and does not care whether

Macau Matters | Personal data in Macau

I won the trifecta and have all the first world fat old men medical conditions – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes. For winning this

Macau Matters | A Tale of Several Pizzas

When teaching, I am a firm believer in starting with the “big picture” and only then looking into various details. For learning to be meaningful and relevant to students

Macau Matters | Rest in Peace Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group, died in January 2019. Bogle established the Vanguard Group in the 1970’s and it has since grown to be one

Macau Matters | G is for Glulam

  Traditionally most of the human built environment was made of stone or wood, but nowadays reinforced concrete is one of the world’s most commonly used construction materials. This

Macau Matters | The hidden tragedy of suicide

I was recently reading that, in general, suicide rates are falling in most parts of the world. Reflecting on this issue, I feel that suicide in Macau may

Macau Matters | Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

All round the world, including Macau I am sure, many people suffer from poor sleep quality/quantity, resulting in many health, economic and social issues. For example, a 2013

Macau Matters | Shift-work dangers

In Macau a lot of people work on shifts – we are all familiar with the associated early morning, mid-afternoon and late evening traffic jams. This poses some

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