Macau Matters | Rest in Peace Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group, died in January 2019. Bogle established the Vanguard Group in the 1970’s and it has since grown to be one

Macau Matters | G is for Glulam

  Traditionally most of the human built environment was made of stone or wood, but nowadays reinforced concrete is one of the world’s most commonly used construction materials. This

Macau Matters | The hidden tragedy of suicide

I was recently reading that, in general, suicide rates are falling in most parts of the world. Reflecting on this issue, I feel that suicide in Macau may

Macau Matters | Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

All round the world, including Macau I am sure, many people suffer from poor sleep quality/quantity, resulting in many health, economic and social issues. For example, a 2013

Macau Matters | Shift-work dangers

In Macau a lot of people work on shifts – we are all familiar with the associated early morning, mid-afternoon and late evening traffic jams. This poses some

Macau Matters | To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I grew up fascinated by the clockwork mechanical systems of our industrial world and studied systems engineering at university, but hated the seemingly meaningless, messy complexity of biology.

Macau Matters | Reducing the urban heat island

It has been observed all round the world that cities are substantially hotter than their surrounding countrysides; this is called the Urban Heat Island Effect, eg Central London

Macau Matters | Is loneliness an issue for Macau

As I have noted previously, I like reading The Economist because it often contains articles that stimulate me to consider issues I have not thought about before. A

Macau Matters | Doctoral examinations

My nomination as an external examiner for a Doctoral dissertation was recently rejected because I had previously worked at the university involved. This annoyed me quite a bit

Macau Matters | The deluded world of air-conditioning

Living in Macau we are all well aware of the great value of air-conditioning (and refrigeration). As countries develop, the first thing that their emerging middle class citizens

Macau Matters | Another Effect of Rising Atmospheric CO2

To me, the modern world is largely a product of the Enlightenment – the European intellectual movement that emerged in the late 17th and 18th centuries and that

Macau Matters | Zero-waste lifestyles

I seem to be on a waste elimination jag at present, but it is a relevant topic for Macau given that the local Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) is

Macau Matters | Hotels of the Future

Business and recreational travel have been strongly growing in South-East Asia for many years, and this trend is sure to continue for many years to come as the

Macau Matters | Coffee Recycling

The natural world is an excellent recycler – biological processes consume natural resources to live and produce waste, and other processes then further “eat” those wastes and the

Macau Matters | Yet another urban planning mess

The Macau government recently announced that it will develop 2,000 public housing apartments on a waterfront lot near the Pousada Marina Infante Hotel in Taipa. I believe that

Macau Matters | Going postal

I greatly enjoy reading The Economist each week. I find it very informative and like that it covers political, business, social and technological issues, with a good balance of

Macau Matters | Local primary & secondary education

The education system in Macau is unusual in that there is no standard national curriculum and most schools are non-government. Moreover, the government is happy to subsidize a substantial

Macau Matters | Improving construction productivity

A recent article in The Economist points out the low productivity and poor performance of the global construction industry. It identifies several things that governments and others can

Macau Matters | Cadmium Rice

The June 10 issue of The Economist contains a terrifying article about pollution in China. It makes the point that air, water and land pollution across China,

Macau Matters | Improving financial literacy

Generally, I am appalled at the low levels of financial literacy of many people. Moreover, levels of financial literacy do not seem to vary too much with education

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