Macau Matters | Shift-work dangers

In Macau a lot of people work on shifts – we are all familiar with the associated early morning, mid-afternoon and late evening traffic jams. This poses some

Macau Matters | To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I grew up fascinated by the clockwork mechanical systems of our industrial world and studied systems engineering at university, but hated the seemingly meaningless, messy complexity of biology.

Macau Matters | Reducing the urban heat island

It has been observed all round the world that cities are substantially hotter than their surrounding countrysides; this is called the Urban Heat Island Effect, eg Central London

Macau Matters | Is loneliness an issue for Macau

As I have noted previously, I like reading The Economist because it often contains articles that stimulate me to consider issues I have not thought about before. A

Macau Matters | Doctoral examinations

My nomination as an external examiner for a Doctoral dissertation was recently rejected because I had previously worked at the university involved. This annoyed me quite a bit

Macau Matters | The deluded world of air-conditioning

Living in Macau we are all well aware of the great value of air-conditioning (and refrigeration). As countries develop, the first thing that their emerging middle class citizens

Macau Matters | Another Effect of Rising Atmospheric CO2

To me, the modern world is largely a product of the Enlightenment – the European intellectual movement that emerged in the late 17th and 18th centuries and that

Macau Matters | Zero-waste lifestyles

I seem to be on a waste elimination jag at present, but it is a relevant topic for Macau given that the local Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) is

Macau Matters | Hotels of the Future

Business and recreational travel have been strongly growing in South-East Asia for many years, and this trend is sure to continue for many years to come as the

Macau Matters | Coffee Recycling

The natural world is an excellent recycler – biological processes consume natural resources to live and produce waste, and other processes then further “eat” those wastes and the

Macau Matters | Yet another urban planning mess

The Macau government recently announced that it will develop 2,000 public housing apartments on a waterfront lot near the Pousada Marina Infante Hotel in Taipa. I believe that

Macau Matters | Going postal

I greatly enjoy reading The Economist each week. I find it very informative and like that it covers political, business, social and technological issues, with a good balance of

Macau Matters | Local primary & secondary education

The education system in Macau is unusual in that there is no standard national curriculum and most schools are non-government. Moreover, the government is happy to subsidize a substantial

Macau Matters | Improving construction productivity

A recent article in The Economist points out the low productivity and poor performance of the global construction industry. It identifies several things that governments and others can

Macau Matters | Cadmium Rice

The June 10 issue of The Economist contains a terrifying article about pollution in China. It makes the point that air, water and land pollution across China,

Macau Matters | Improving financial literacy

Generally, I am appalled at the low levels of financial literacy of many people. Moreover, levels of financial literacy do not seem to vary too much with education

Macau Matters | Fixing Macau’s Broken Taxi System

There is ample evidence that the government managed and regulated system of taxi services in Macau is totally broken. A cursory analysis leads me to believe that a

Macau Matters | A Robotic Macau Grand Prix

The entrepreneurs who created the Macau Grand Prix did a wonderful thing, but the government department that has managed it for many years has done nothing to improve on their

Macau Matters | The joys of train travel

I like trains and recommend them as a great way to travel! I recently took a train from Seattle to Chicago, travelling over the Rocky Mountains and across the rest of

Macau Matters | Macau’s incredible telecom data roaming rip-off

Telecom service providers in Macau are blatantly ripping off their customers with usurious data roaming charges and I cannot understand why the Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation has let this situation

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