This Day in History | 1987 – Aquino suppresses rebel uprising

President of the Philippines Corazon Aquino has forced a group of heavily armed rebels occupying a television station to surrender. Her troops fired tear gas into the Channel 7 building in

This Day in History | 1973 Nixon announces Vietnam peace deal

The US president, Richard Nixon, has appeared on national television to announce “peace with honour” in Vietnam. Statements issued simultaneously in Washington and Hanoi confirmed the peace deal was signed in

This Day in History | 2001 – MMR triple vaccine declared safe

The government is launching a £3m campaign to convince parents the controversial MMR triple vaccine is safe. Fears have been raised the vaccine against measles, mumps

This Day in History | 1992 UN threatens Libya with sanctions

The United Nations has ordered Libya to surrender intelligence agents accused of the Lockerbie and French airliner bombings. The 15-nation Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution urging Libya ‘’immediately to provide

This Day in History | 1958 Explorers meet at South Pole

Members of the team attempting the first surface crossing of the Antarctic have joined up at the South Pole. New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary - who has already conquered Mount Everest

This Day in History | 1994 Massive earthquake hits Los Angeles

A huge earthquake has rocked Los Angeles, killing more than 20 people. The earthquake, which measured 6.6 on the Richter scale and lasted for 40 seconds, struck at 0431 local time

This Day in History | 1979 – Shah of Iran flees into exile

The Shah of Iran has fled the country following months of increasingly violent protests against his regime. Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and his wife, Empress Farah, left Tehran and flew to

This Day in History | 1997 – Princess Diana sparks landmines row

Princess Diana has angered government ministers after calling for an international ban on landmines. Her comments - made during a visit to Angola to see for herself some of the victims

This Day in History | 1993: Allies bomb Iraq

American, British and French fighter jets have carried out a series of bombing raids over southern Iraq. The Iraqis have repeatedly breached the “no-fly zone” set up after the Gulf War

This Day in History | 1991 Last ditch efforts to avoid Gulf War

The United Nations Secretary General will leave shortly for Baghdad in a final diplomatic effort to avoid war against Iraq. Javier Perez de Cuellar is expected to raise the possibility of

This Day in History | 1989 Dozens die as plane crashes on motorway

A Boeing 737 airplane has crashed onto the M1 motorway near East Midlands airport, killing 46 people. Eighty have survived, of whom ten are seriously injured. The British Midland flight 092 was

This Day in History | 1994 – Mystery assailant attacks top US skater

An unknown man brandishing a metal crowbar has attacked American figure-skater Nancy Kerrigan. The 24-year-old skater was forced to withdraw from the US national championships in Detroit after the incident, which

This Day in History | 2000 – Art theft was ‘professional’ job

Police have said the Cezanne painting taken from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford on New Year’s Eve was probably stolen to order. The painting - Auvers-sur-Oise - was bought by the

This Day in History | 1999 – UK prepares to celebrate millennium

Britain is gearing up to join a global party in a spectacular array of revelries to welcome in the third millennium. The scale of the celebrations ranges from large organised events,

This Day in History | 1958 – Castro’s rebels edge closer to capital

A vicious house-to-house battle between rebel guerrillas, led by Fidel Castro, and the Cuban army is raging around the town of Santa Clara, the capital of the province

This Day in History | 1984 – Britain signs over Hong Kong to China

The British colony of Hong Kong is to be returned to China in 1997 after an historic agreement was signed in Peking today. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signed the Joint Sino-British

This Day in History | 1997 – Dawn of Scottish parliament

A bill giving Scotland its own parliament for the first time in three centuries has been unveiled in Glasgow today. Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar revealed his blueprint for the future of

This Day in History | 1968 – Mary Bell found guilty of double killing

An 11-year-old girl has been sentenced to life in detention after being found guilty at Newcastle Assizes of the manslaughter of two small boys. Mary Bell is

This Day in History | 1984 Gorbachev visit to Britain a ‘success’

Mikhail Gorbachev, the man widely tipped as the next leader of the Soviet Union, has spent five hours in “very friendly” talks with the British Prime Minister, Margaret

This Day in History | 1981 – Military crackdown on Polish people

Poland’s military rulers have declared a state of emergency after imposing martial law and placing leaders of the Solidarity trade union under arrest. The country is effectively

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