This Day in History | 2001 Anthrax claims third victim in US

A third person has been diagnosed in the US with the most serious form of anthrax. The unnamed Washington postal worker is being treated for inhalation anthrax but doctors expect him

This Day in History | 1988 New law could erode right to silence

The British Government has announced plans to change the law regarding a suspect’s right to remain silent so that remaining silent could incriminate rather than protect a suspect. The change would

This day in history | 1977 Kidnapped German found dead

The body of kidnapped businessman Hanns-Martin Schleyer has been found in the boot of a car in the French town of Mulhouse. It is reported the 62-year-old German had been shot

This Day in History | 1996 Handguns to be banned in the UK

The British Government has announced plans to outlaw almost all handguns following the shocking massacre at Dunblane in Scotland. On 13 March Thomas Hamilton walked into the gym at Dunblane primary

This day in history | 1988 Government loses Spycatcher battle

The British Government has lost its long-running battle to stop the publication of the controversial book Spycatcher, written by a former secret service agent. Law Lords ruled the media can publish

This Day in History |1986 Reykjavik summit ends in failure

US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev have failed to reach agreement at a disarmament summit in Reykjavik. The two men came close to striking a radical arms reduction

This Day in History | 1967 Che Guevara ‘shot dead’

Marxist revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara has reportedly been killed during a battle between army troops and guerillas in the Bolivian jungle. A statement issued by the commander of the Eighth Bolivian

This day in history | 2003 The Terminator takes on California

The film star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been elected governor of California, ousting the incumbent, Gray Davis, three years before his term was due to end. It is the first time in

This day in history | 1977 Invasion of Swedish identical twins

Ninety sets of Swedish identical twins have travelled to Felixstowe for a brief shopping trip. The twins are taking part in studies by researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The scientists

This Day in History | 2000 Milosevic quits, street celebrations continue

Slobodan Milosevic, President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has resigned, following mounting pressure to quit over allegations of vote-rigging. The Yugoslav Constitutional Court, which only yesterday morning annulled the 24

This Day in History | 1962 Mississippi race riots over first black student

Two people have been killed and at least 75 injured in rioting at the University of Mississippi campus in Oxford. Hundreds of extra troops have been brought in to join Federal

This Day in History | 1955 James Dean killed in car smash

The Hollywood film star James Dean has been killed in a road accident in California, USA. The 24-year-old actor was behind the wheel of his German-made Porsche sports car when it

This Day in History | 1960 Khrushchev anger erupts at UN

The Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev has disrupted a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly with several angry outbursts. Twice he pounded his desk and twice he shouted interruptions to show

This Day in History | 1964 Kennedy murder was ‘no conspiracy’

There was no conspiracy surrounding the death of President Kennedy but there were serious failures by those responsible for his protection, according to a government report. The 300,000-word document, prepared by

This day in history | 1950 Seoul in UN hands

United Nations forces have taken control of the South Korean capital Seoul, three months after it fell to North Korea, the US Army has announced. The US 7th Infantry Division and

This Day in History | 1980 Iraq bombs Iran as hostilities increase

Iranian officials have confirmed oil exports from the terminal, off the north-west coast of Iran, have been halted and given no indication when they may be resumed. The fighting began three

This Day in History | 1952 Charlie Chaplin comes home

World famous film actor and director Charlie Chaplin has returned to England for the first time in 21 years. He arrived with his wife Oona - daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill

This Day in History | 2001 Simpson smuggled into Afghanistan

The BBC’s world affairs editor has become the only television reporter to broadcast from Taleban-held Afghanistan as the country prepares for an American attack. John Simpson and a cameraman were smuggled

This Day in History | 1998 Clinton’s Grand Jury testimony released

Bill Clinton’s testimony about his relationship with a young female assistant has been released to the United States public. The video of the American president’s 17 August interview in front of

This Day in History | 1970 Rock legend Hendrix dies after party

Guitarist Jimi Hendrix has died after collapsing at a party in London. Police say there was no question of foul play. A number of sleeping pills were found at the house

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