Teenage tutor arrested for sexual offences against minors

A 17-year-old part-time tutor at an education center in the northern district was arrested by the Judiciary Police (PJ) on allegations of having committed sexual offences against four underage girls.
According to police, the alleged perpetrator is a local resident studying at a secondary school in the same district, who had only started tutoring at the education center about a month ago.
On October 22, one of the girls reported to the administrator of the education center, saying that she had been inappropriately touched by the tutor.
In response to this report, the administrator first suspended the tutor. The administrator then notified the girl’s parents and advised them to report the matter to the police. Following an investigation, the PJ discovered three additional victims.
The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), which has authority over education centers, condemned the act and stated that it was taking the matter seriously.
In response to questions from the DSEJ, the administrator of the center admitted that the employment of the tutor had not been filed with the authority, although the suspect was dismissed after the incident came to light.
The DSEJ has ordered the center suspend its operations and make plans to ensure students’ safety in the future. It has also made arrangements for students affected by the center’s suspended operations.
According to the DSEJ, mental healthcare support has been arranged for the four students and their parents. The student who reported the case was commended by the authority for coming forward so that the authorities could quickly respond to the allegations.
The education regulator added that the center had been spot checked seven times this year, but in none of those spot checks was the suspect seen. AL

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