Two cases of stolen property reported to police


Two cases involving illegal possession of lost property were reported by the Public Security Police Force (PSP) on Monday.
A local woman realized that she had lost her mobile phone worth MOP2,500 after she left her parked car on June 4.
The woman then made a lost property report to the police.
Upon checking the
closed-circuit television footage in the area, the police identified a man who lives in the same building as the victim as a suspect. The man, surnamed Se, is unemployed and in his 60s.
The phone was eventually found in his apartment, but the police did not find the victim’s sim card and phone case.
In the second case, a man who had lost his Macau Pass card discovered that it had been used to purchase goods or services on five occasions. The man informed the police that he believed it was used by whoever had acquired the card.
The total amount spent using the Macau Pass was MOP513.80, and it was mostly used for buying items and bus fares.
The police managed to track the location of the Macau Pass card through the bus fares purchased, and intercepted the suspect at the bus stop near Avenida da República on August 2.
The suspect, surnamed Un, is a foreign worker in his twenties. He admitted that he found the Macau Pass near the Ruins of St Paul’s and used the pass to buy goods and services.
Both cases were forwarded to the Public Prosecutions Office, the police said.
The police also called for the public not to use or take possession of lost property, and clarified that the charge of illegal possession carries a maximum sentence of one-year or a 120-day fine. Staff Reporter

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