Woman becomes a scapegoat after husband denies crime

A male driver has been charged by the Public Security Police Force (PSP) with evading criminal responsibilities, and his wife has been charged with conducting personal favoritism.
The 28-year-old local suspect caused a car accident while drunk-driving. Out of the fear of being prosecuted, he asked his wife to be the scapegoat, the Judiciary Police announced in a press conference on Wednesday. The police discovered the lie as the testimonies did not match during the investigation.
The car accident, in which four light vehicles were damaged, was reported to the PSP on October 10. On site, the man claimed to the police that his wife was the driver and caused the accident. The wife also claimed to be the culprit of the accident.
During extensive interrogations, the wife confessed that she was called to the scene after the accident. Her husband, meanwhile, confessed to being the driver of the car. On that night, he attended a wedding reception, at which he drank some alcoholic beverages. In order to evade responsibility, he asked his wife to take the blame after the accident.
He was tested and found to have a blood-alcohol reading of 1.98 grams/liter. AL

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