Policy Address | High ranking officials’ accountability law under study, solution expected within 2020

The SAR government is studying a specific law to provide a solution for holding high ranking officials accountable, according to Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong Weng Chon, who

Legislative Assembly | Macau sets aside billions to transform day visitors into overnight tourists

The government of Macau has reserved 3.19 billion patacas ($400 million) for a project that will aim to turn single-day travelers into overnight visitors. As overnight visitors spend on average considerably

IAS says some nurseries ignore suspension recommendation

  The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS), which oversees government-subsidized nurseries across the city, admitted yesterday that they could only “strongly recommend” that other nurseries suspend their services for the time being. Choi

IKEA opens first store as booking slots filled until May 6

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has opened its first store in Macau to the public. The retailer currently limits the number of people it allows into the store as it heeds the

Airport passenger flow halves in first quarter

The Macau International Airport saw a 50% year-on-year fall in its passenger flow during the first quarter, due to the onset of the pandemic. During the first three months of 2019,

Consumer prices grow 2.47% in March, in faster rise than February

Consumer prices rose 2.47% in year-on-year terms in March 2020, according to information released by the Statistics and Census Service, showing that the rate of increase grew 0.14 percentage points

Illegal crab trap set up in Inner Harbor area

  The Marine and Water Bureau has found an illegal crab trap in the Inner Harbor sea channel. The bureau urged members of the public to refrain from illegal trapping and

Analysis | Higher education: University business model should not apply to local undergraduates

The proposal of the Macau government to turn higher education into a new industry that can be more self-sufficient and less dependent on government funding seems to have been well-received

Macau students who study in Zhuhai may be exempted from quarantine

Macau residents who receive foundational education in neighboring Zhuhai may be exempted from the mainland city’s quarantine policy if they can show a negative Covid-19 test result from within the

Teacher suspended for misconduct loses appeal at top court

  The Court of Final Instance (TUI) has dismissed the appeal filed by a teacher who had been suspended for 240 days as a result of a disciplinary action, the office

Global reading day held online

The activity “4.23 Reading in the City,” which aims to encourage reading among the public, was carried out online this year. The event, held yesterday on April 23, aims to encourage

Legislative Assembly | Lawmakers raise employment concerns for soon-to-be graduates

Several lawmakers have voiced their concerns regarding Macau’s employment situation in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. During yesterday’s Legislative Assembly (AL) plenary session, lawmakers Lam Lon Wai, Lei Chan U,

Leaving Wuhan: Getting into virus-hit city was the easy part

Getting into Wuhan was the easy part. New virus infections had fallen to almost zero and travel restrictions were easing. As a 76-day lockdown neared its end, journalists and others were

Emergency mode: European leaders still talking about what to do

More than 100,000 people are dead, the euro area is headed for its deepest ever recession - and Europe’s leaders are still talking about what to do. It’s a strange way

UK mulls advice on face coverings while saving masks for NHS

The U.K. is considering changing its guidance on people covering their faces to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, while protecting the supply of protective equipment to frontline health and

This Day in History | 1990 Hubble telescope takes off for space

The American space agency Nasa has successfully launched the space shuttle Discovery from Cape Canaveral in Florida on its historic mission to carry the Hubble space telescope into orbit 380

Japan’s gamblers are ignoring Abe’s toothless emergency order

Lines outside Tokyo’s pachinko parlors show the limits of Japan’s ability to enforce social distancing, just as the country heads into a series of holidays that could be key to

Drive In | Hemsworth finds a worthy action pic in ‘Extraction’

Tyler Rake sounds like a Mad-Libs action hero name. When you add to the mix that this character actually, literally kills someone with a rake, it starts to veer into

The Buzz | Germany condemns anti-Semitic disruption of memorial on Zoom

The German government has condemned an anti-Semitic incident that took place during an online Holocaust memorial event organized by the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. Unknown persons interrupted the Zoom meeting with

US to boost aid to Greenland in bid to counter Russia, China

The Trump administration is poised to announce an expanded diplomatic presence in Greenland and a new assistance package for the vast island aimed at thwarting growing Chinese and Russian influence

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