Why voters in south are more resistant to Modi’s Hindu-centric politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has wielded near-total control over Indian politics since coming to power 10 years ago, with one exception: He has failed to win over

Australian woman denies murdering her former husband’s relatives with poisonous mushroom lunch

A woman accused of serving her ex-husband’s family poisonous mushrooms pleaded not guilty in an Australian court yesterday to three charges of murder and five charges of attempted

Stock market today: Asian shares mostly higher, though China benchmarks falter

Asian markets forged higher today (Tuesday) after another day of gains on Wall Street, although Hong Kong’s benchmark faltered.

China publicizes for the first time what it claims is a 2016 agreement with Philippines

For the first time, China has publicized what it claims is an unwritten 2016 agreement with the Philippines over access to South China Sea islands.

Misinformation surges on social media: ‘The whole country is paying the price’

Bollywood stars seldom weigh in on politics, so videos showing two celebrities criticizing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi — and endorsing his main opposition, the Congress party

Students told to stay home as Southeast Asia swelters in prolonged heat wave

Southeast Asia was coping with a weekslong heat wave this week as record-high temperatures led to school closings in several countries and urgent health warnings throughout

Pro-Beijing prime minister won’t keep his job following elections

Solomon Islands pro-Beijing Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare withdrew from the contest to remain head of the strategically important South Pacific island nation’s government following general elections two

Documentary focuses on man behind a cruelly bizarre 1990s reality show

Naked and frail, a shaggy-haired man films himself as he endures solitude in a tiny room for months, and months more. “The Contestant,” directed by Clair

Prime minister describes domestic violence as a ‘national crisis’ after protests

Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese yesterday described domestic violence as a “national crisis” after thousands rallied around the country against violence toward women. Thousands protested in

Deforestation in Indonesia spiked last year, but resources analyst sees better overall trend

From trees felled in protected national parks to massive swaths of jungle razed for palm oil and paper plantations, Indonesia had a 27% uptick in primary forest loss

Police kill an Abu Sayyaf militant implicated in 15 beheadings and other atrocities

Philippine forces killed an Abu Sayyaf militant, who had been implicated in past beheadings, including of 10 Filipino marines and two kidnapped Vietnamese, in a clash in

Head of Vietnam’s parliament resigns amid corruption probe

The head of Vietnam’s parliament has resigned, according to state media, making him the latest senior member of government to leave office amid an ongoing anti-corruption campaign

More than just a bowl of noodles, ramen is an experience and a tourist attraction

Spicy, steaming, slurpy ramen might be everyone’s favorite Japanese food. In Tokyo, long lines circle around blocks, and waiting an hour for your ramen is

Karen guerrillas leave a town that army lost two weeks ago as rival group holds sway

Guerrilla fighters from the main ethnic Karen fighting force battling Myanmar’s military government have withdrawn from the eastern border town of Myawaddy two weeks after forcing

Australia and New Zealand honor their war dead with dawn services on Anzac Day

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered across Australia and New Zealand for dawn services and street marches yesterday to commemorate their war dead on Anzac Day.

IAEA team inspects treated radioactive water release from Fukushima plant

A team of experts from the U.N. nuclear agency inspected the tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant yesterday for a review of its discharge of treated

Kim sends a delegation to Iran in a growing effort to break its diplomatic isolation

A high-level North Korean economic delegation was on its way to Iran, the North’s state media said yesterday, for what would be the two countries’ first known

Farmers reduce methane emissions by changing how they grow rice

There is one thing that distinguishes 60-year-old Vo Van Van’s rice fields from a mosaic of thousands of other emerald fields across Long An province in southern

Australia and Papua leaders trek toward WWII South Pacific battleground

Australia and Papua New Guinea’s prime ministers yesterday began trekking into the South Pacific island nation’s mountainous interior to commemorate a pivotal World War II campaign and to

US and Philippine forces launch combat drills in disputed waters

American and Filipino forces launched their largest combat exercises in years yesterday in a show of allied firepower near the disputed South China Sea that has alarmed

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