Duterte’s daughter takes oath as vice president

Sara Duterte, the daughter of the outgoing populist president of the Philippines, took her oath yesterday as vice president following a landslide electoral victory she clinched

Floods in India, Bangladesh leave millions homeless, 18 dead

Army troops were called in to rescue thousands of people stranded by massive floods that have ravaged northeastern India and Bangladesh, leaving millions of homes underwater

Kishida’s cautious course sets up potential long-term rule

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida did not look like he’d last long when he took office eight months ago. He was seen as nice, but indecisive

Japan, Australia to expand defense ties for regional order

Japan and Australia’s defense ministers yesterday vowed to step up their ties to support democratic values in the Indo-Pacific region and agreed to work more closely with Southeast Asia

Court convicts lawyer, dozens of others of treason

A Cambodian American lawyer and dozens of members of a now-dissolved opposition party were convicted of treason yesterday in a trial that was the latest move to

Worries about economy grow amid truckers’ strike

South Korea’s prime minister warned yesterday that the disruption of cargo transport could cause “irrecoverable” damages on the country’s economy, as a nationwide truckers’ strike

China’s envoy says two nations at ‘new juncture’

China's ambassador to Australia says relations between the two countries are at a “new juncture” with the election of a new Australian government and the first minister-to-minister

US Defense Secretary Austin meets PM Prayuth to boost ties

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin met with Thailand’s prime minister yesterday as part of an effort to strengthen what Austin says is Washington’s “unparalleled network

Japan philanthropic group begins fund raising for Ukrainians

A Japanese foundation announced yesterday it is launching a fundraising drive to provide more than 1,200 Ukrainian evacuees in Japan with additional financial support for language studies

Ruling Workers’ Party meets amid expectation of nuclear test

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has convened a political conference where he’s expected to review state affairs, including a COVID-19 outbreak, and possibly address relations

Taliban arrest fashion model, say he ‘insulted’ Islam

The Taliban have arrested a well-known Afghan fashion model and three of his colleagues, accusing them of disrespecting Islam and the Quran, the Muslim holy book,

Police sentenced to life for killing drug suspect

A former Thai police colonel nicknamed “Jo Ferrari” for his extravagant collection of luxury cars was sentenced with five subordinates Wednesday to life in prison for the

US, S. Korea fly 20 fighter jets amid N. Korea tensions

South Korea and the United States flew fighter jets in formation over South Korea’s western sea yesterday in a show of force amid signs that a North

PM Ardern to visit counterpart Albanese in Sydney

Australia's new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has held face-to-face meetings with the leaders of the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia during his hectic two weeks

Star poet Tanikawa, it’s fun, not work, at 90

Shuntaro Tanikawa used to think poems descended like an inspiration from the heavens. As he grew older — he is now 90 — Tanikawa sees poems as

New government includes record 13 women ministers

Australia's new government sworn yesterday includes a record 13 women, including the first female Muslim to serve in the role and the second Indigenous person named

Accusations fly after bombing kills one, injures nine

Myanmar's military government and its opponents traded accusations over a bomb that exploded in the middle of the country’s largest city, Yangon, killing one and wounding nine

Distress in Singapore as Malaysia bans chicken export

  Diners in Singapore are bracing for prices of their national chicken-and-rice dish to soar as neighboring Malaysia prepares to block exports starting today to increase supplies in

China’s foreign minister arrives in Tonga on Pacific tour

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in Tonga yesterday as he continued his regional island-hopping tour a day after failing to ink an ambitious deal with

Hit by pandemic curbs, India’s quarterly growth slows to 4%

India’s economic growth, hit by pandemic curbs and price increases, slowed to 4.1% in the January-March quarter, according to figures released yesterday by the government. It was

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