New government promises tax cuts, more police and less bureaucracy

New Zealanders can expect tax cuts, more police on the streets and less government bureaucracy, according to the three leaders who signed an agreement last week to

Vietnam’s plan for spending $15.5 billion for its clean energy transition to be announced at COP28

A plan for how Vietnam will spend $15.5 billion to transition to cleaner energy has been finalized and will be announced at the COP28 climate conference, which begins

Dozens evacuate, homes destroyed by a wildfire on the edge of Perth

Dozens of residents have been evacuated and at least 10 homes destroyed by a wildfire burning out of control on the northern fringe of the west coast

Governor wants to make it easier for travelers from Japan to visit the islands

Hawaii leaders want to make it easier for tourists from Japan to visit the U.S. state by creating a pre-clearance program allowing travelers from the country

Charles III welcomes president Yoon with state banquet, mingles with K-pop band Blackpink

King Charles III hosted South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and his wife at a glittering banquet at Buckingham Palace yesterday , as Britain rolled

Kim will try again to launch a military spy satellite in coming days

North Korea told Japan yesterday that it will launch a satellite in the coming days in violation of U.N. resolutions, its apparent third attempt to fire a

President Yoon to talk trade, technology and defense on state visit

The leaders of Britain and South Korea will seek to strengthen trade and defense ties between their countries during a state visit to the U.K. by President

Third release of treated water from damaged Fukushima plant ends safely, operator says

The release of a third batch of treated radioactive wastewater from Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean ended safely as planned, its operator

Marcos’ visit to Hawaii boosts US-Philippines bond and recalls family history

Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is meeting with senior U.S. military leaders and members of Hawaii’s large Filipino community this weekend in a visit steeped in

Refugees who fled to India after latest fighting returning home, officials say

More than half of the estimated 5,000 refugees who had fled the heavy fighting in Myanmar’s western Chin state and had entered northeastern India have begun returning home,

Parliament passes laws to handle migrant convicts who can’t be held indefinitely or deported

Migrants with criminal records face up to five years in prison for breaching their visa conditions under emergency legislation passed by the Australian Parliament yesterday. The

Exports grow better than expected as auto shipments climb

Japan reported yesterday that its exports increased by 1.6% in October from a year earlier, as auto and ship shipments rose. Government data showed

An ethnic northern resistance group says an entire army battalion surrendered to it

An entire Myanmar army battalion based near the Chinese border surrendered to an alliance of ethnic armed groups that launched a surprise offensive last month against the

State-sponsored online spies likely to target submarine program, spy agency says

Australia’s cooperation with the United States and Britain to develop an Australian fleet of submarines powered by U.S. nuclear technology is a likely target of state-sponsored

South Korea, US-led UN command warn Kim over its nuclear threat

Senior defense officials from South Korea, the United States and other nations yesterday warned North Korea over its nuclear ambitions and threats, vowing an unspecified collective response

Philippines joins Japan-led naval drills as brushes with China rise in the disputed sea

Japan led an annual multinational naval exercise that included the Philippines as an observer for the first time, as Filipino coast guard vessels

Putin visits Asian neighbor, part of his efforts to cement ties with ex-Soviet allies

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Kazakhstan yesterday, part of his efforts to cement ties with the ex-Soviet neighbor and major economic partner in the midst of

US and South Korea close ranks on common global issues during Blinken visit

The United States and South Korea closed ranks behind common approaches to North Korea, Russia and China yesterday, vowing to continue to support Ukraine against Russia’s invasion

An industrial robot crushed a worker to death at a vegetable packing plant

An industrial robot grabbed and crushed a worker to death at a vegetable packaging plant in South Korea, police said yesterday, as they investigated whether

US plans to build a $553M terminal in Colombo port in rivalry with China

The U.S. announced a $553 million project yesterday to build a deep-water shipping container terminal in Sri Lanka’s Port of Colombo as it competes with China in international development

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