Pakistan | Afghan refugees tell UN: ‘We need peace, land to go home’

Hukam Khan isn’t sure how old he is, but his beard is long and white, and when he came to Pakistan 40 years ago fleeing an earlier war in Afghanistan,

Viral outbreak spooks Asian places of worship

In a popular Catholic church in the Philippines, nearly half of the pews were empty for Sunday Mass. The few hundred worshippers who showed up were asked to refrain from

FAQ | How virus is impacting Asia’s cruises and passengers

DEE-ANN DURBIN & DAVID KOENIG A new viral outbreak is wreaking havoc on cruises in Asia, where some passengers are stranded aboard ships and others can't leave China.

The Buzz | Japan reports first death from virus, 44 more cases on ship

Japan announced last night its first death from a new virus from China, hours after confirming 44 more cases on a cruise ship quarantined near Tokyo as fears of

Covid-19 | New virus cases fall again, deaths now exceed 1,100

China yesterday reported another drop in the number of new cases of a viral infection and 97 more deaths, pushing the total dead past 1,100 as postal services worldwide said

Coronavirus epidemic named Covid-19

The World Health Organization says the official name for the disease caused by the new coronavirus is Covid-19. “We now have a name for the disease and it’s Covid-19,” WHO chief

Thailand | Health authority yields to virus fears, bars docking of cruise ship

Thai health authorities have barred a cruise ship from docking that has already been turned away by the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan out of concern over a new virus, although

Singapore | Vacant booths and general gloom at virus-hit airshow

The first day of the Singapore Airshow usually features teeming crowds, flashy presentations and big orders for aircraft makers. The coronavirus outbreak has shot that to pieces this year as scores

Oscars 2020 | South Koreans explode with joy over ‘Parasite’ wins

South Koreans reacted with rare collective joy yesterday after director Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” won the Oscar for best picture and three other awards, good news that came as their

Indonesian president urges closer Australian partnership

Indonesia’s president spoke to Australia’s Parliament yesterday, urging a closer partnership between their nations as their shared democratic values are threatened by uncertain global economics. President Joko Widodo was addressing a

Singapore | Grocery chain starts limiting how much people can buy

Singapore authorities urged residents to relax on their shopping sprees that have emptied supermarket shelves, saying supplies aren’t under threat even as response efforts to battle the coronavirus outbreak have

Soldier kills 26 in bloodiest shooting spree in Thailand

A soldier with a grudge gunned down 26 people and wounded 57 in Thailand’s worst shooting spree before he was fatally shot inside a mall in the country’s northeast yesterday,

Australia mega-fire doused as torrential rain brings relief

A wildfire that burned out an area eight times the size of Manhattan has been put out as torrential downpours across Australia’s east coast brought relief to firefighters who have

Philippines | Diplomacy chief defends US pact after Duterte threat

The Philippine foreign secretary warned yesterday that abrogating a security accord with Washington would undermine his country’s security and foster aggression in the disputed South China Sea. The warning came after

UK and Australia commit to free trade negotiations

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab made his first overseas trip since Brexit yesterday to faraway Australia, where he reaffirmed Britain’s desire for a free trade deal and gave assurances that

Afghanistan | Media outlets protest curtailed access to information

An Afghan media watchdog urged the government yesterday to heed a demand for more media freedoms after 30 local media outlets said in a joint statement that authorities were increasingly

Australia | Former official in court for taking secrets home

A former senior Australian intelligence official appeared in court yesterday charged with illegally taking secret documents from his Canberra office to his home two decades ago. Roger Uren, 72, appeared in

Pompeo message in Europe, Central Asia trip: Beware of China

The countries Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited on a five nation-tour over the last week varied from longtime ally Britain to ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia. But the message

North Korea making ‘all-out efforts’ to guard against virus

North Korea said yesterday it was mobilizing 30,000 health workers everyday in its “all-out efforts” to guard against the spread of a virus from neighboring China. North Korea hasn’t reported any

Analysis | Fears of new virus trigger anti-China sentiment in Asia Pacific

A scary new virus from China has spread around the world. So has rising anti-Chinese sentiment, calls for a full travel ban on Chinese visitors and indignities for Chinese and

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