News of the world | Deep down: Rivalry between Koreas, Japan transcends sport

As South Korea’s national soccer coach prepared to play Japan in a 1954 World Cup qualifier, President Syngman Rhee, who’d been liberated, with the rest of Korea,

News of the world | Essay Against tense global backdrop, let the Games begin

On the one hand: The world gathers for a scripted, globalized spectacle of competition and unity. North Korean athletes and performers stream into the rival South for

News of the world | Europe’s rise in temporary work contracts puts lives on hold

Europe’s economic recovery is in full swing, and in countries like Portugal, the unemployment rate is falling steeply from record highs reached during the recent financial crisis.

News of the World | Elton John says upcoming tour will be his last

Elton John is retiring from the road after his upcoming three-year global tour, capping nearly 50 years on stages around the world. He calls it a “way

News of the world | Century after pandemic, science takes its best shot at flu

The descriptions are haunting. Some victims felt fine in the morning and were dead by night. Faces turned blue as patients coughed up blood. Stacked bodies

News of the world | No wedding, no Crown: What’s a royal obsessive to do?

Are you a royal desperado, in that binge-watching kind of way? The House of Windsor, under that and other grand names, has provided five British monarchs

Travelog | From Malta to Minneapolis, a look at where to go in 2018

From Malta to Minneapolis, here’s a look at some destinations around the world that will be making news in 2018. They include designated culture capitals, places hosting

News of the world | Christmas in Bethlehem: Trump’s Jerusalem shift looms large

Some food vendors, sellers of holiday trinkets and a leading hotelier in biblical Bethlehem say Palestinian protests, triggered by what many here view as a provocative show

News of the World | Surrounded by scandal, Globes turn to old favs & fresh faces

Guillermo del Toro’s Cold War-era fairytale “The Shape of Water” swam away with a leading seven Golden Globes nominations this week and the HBO drama “Big Little

News of the world | Newly crowned by US as Israel’s capital, Jerusalem is unique

  Here is a look at some of the extraordinary facts about the city that Israel claims as its capital, even though nearly 40 percent of its population

News of the world | Post-Weinstein, Lauer: A reckoning for fans of fallen heroes

When it comes to fandom, it’s reckoning time for Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor and scores of other men accused of sexual wrongdoing. Hero celebrities have fallen

News of the World | Thanksgiving tribe reclaims language lost to colonization

The Massachusetts tribe whose ancestors shared a Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims nearly 400 years ago is reclaiming its long-lost language, one schoolchild at a time.

News of the world | Managing overtourism an increasing feature of global travel

Venice is planning to divert massive cruise liners. Barcelona has cracked down on apartment rentals. Both are at the forefront of efforts to get a grip

News of the world | Pomp and flattery: Asia rolls out the red carpets for Trump

Honor guards marching in unison in colorful uniforms. Elaborate state dinners with celebrity guests. Gaggles of children, jumping and screaming along with endless praise. The first

News of the World | Fats Domino dies at 89; gave rock music a New Orleans flavor

The godfather of rock and roll. A performer who always gave all he had. A man who loved his city and his neighborhood. Tributes to Fats Domino

News of the World | Scientists witness huge cosmic crash, find origins of gold

Astronomers around the world reacted to the signal quickly, focusing telescopes located on every continent and even in orbit to a distant spot in the sky.

News of the world | Tale of two cities: Olympics sponsors in Pyeongchang and Tokyo

Pyeongchang is a little-known destination in one of South Korea’s poorest provinces. It is the ‘little town that could,’ bidding twice unsuccessfully for the Winter Olympics before

Travelog | Stealthy, scarce and spectacular: Viewing tigers in India

Going on safari to India to photograph tigers in the wild is an unrivaled experience. These are the world’s largest cats. They are stealthy, solitary, spectacular and

News of the World | Hugh Hefner, leader of the sexual revolution, dies at 91

Hugh Hefner turned silk pajamas into a work uniform, women into centerfolds and sexual desire into a worldwide multimedia empire that spanned several generations of American life.

News of the World | California condors return to the skies after near extinction

In a remote, rugged valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean, researchers closely monitor an endangered icon: the California condor. The giant vultures flap their wings and circle

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