Food | Authentically French

It’s 10:30 in the morning and I have not had breakfast. The smell of coffee fills the air around me and I cannot help but walk into a French bakery

Food | A thrill to remember

Drinking white wine, which is very high in alcohol content, is a thrill to many individuals. Usually, the wine is not to be savored on the palate, but to be

Food | The Italian job

There is a new, ultra-talented, extraordinary chef in town, and I cannot wait to tell you more about him. Lovers of Italian cuisine, boys and girls, listen up. Discerning diners

Food | Rielsling wonderland

There is no question that many of us are crazy about Riesling wines from Germany. They are fruity, floral, and sweet like an extremely perfect soul mate. For the Asian

SPA | Going organic

Founded by Margo Marrone 27 years ago, who started her career as a pharmacist specializing in herbal medicine, nutrition and well-being, The Organic Pharmacy’s skincare is based on homeopathic and

Food | The Secret Garden

Gentle breezes brush through the trees, making a soothing sound while touching the leaves. Breathing lightly, I feel unusually relaxed. My eyes are hypnotized, fixed on the bubbles of the

Food | Le French gourmay

Le French GourMay is the prestigious line up stellar chefs and wines to launch special cuisines under the renowned Le French May program, whereas the Festival honors a distinct gastronomic

SPA |A world of luxury

Conrad Macao, Cotai Central’s award-winning Bodhi Spa has been awarded:  Best Luxury Emerging Spa in Asia and Best Luxury Day Spa in Asia at the prestigious 2015 World Luxury Spa

Food | Shower you mother with love

The spectacular menu continues on to the main entrée, saffron risotto with green asparagus, parmesan tuile and orange reduction, making a grand entrance to impress your mother with its refreshing

Beauty | Ultimate moisturization

“Don’t use just any cream that you can buy from a beauty counter at a department store. It’s not going to work. We need state-of-the-art technology backed with science. That’s


Chef Bühner is famous for his “three-dimensional aromatic cuisine”, an emphasis on the individual product’s natural flavours, a special penchant for low-temperature cooking and a harmonious balance of flavours and

Beauty | Skin revival

“Photofractional is a rejuvenation technology that combines Intense Pulsed Light with non-ablative skin resurfacing. Both skin tone and texture are treated simultaneously. The treatment works to stimulate deep collagen regeneration.

Food | Imperial Cuisine at Jade Dragon

With splendid and sophisticated décor, Jade Dragon is the perfect venue to launch the reputed Family Li menu. Guests are able to enjoy more than 20 different dishes from the

SPA | Detox Retreat

Pamper your mom during Mother’s day at MGM Macau’s Six Senses Spa. Let her enjoy a journey with body brushing incorporating a Detoxifying Body Polish to exfoliate and improve skin


Although this idea might indicate a sense of austerity, the modern day “bosom-stone” cuisine is nothing like a frugal meal. Known as an art form, it is an elegant, multi-course


Macau, as a former Portuguese colony in the past, had many families with intercultural marriages. It was known that in those families, a Chinese wife always tried to cook Portuguese

Food | Michelin-starred French Feast

The six-course Michelin-starred dinner menu featured the very best of authentic French cuisine. We enjoyed smoked salmon tarama with citrus infused, mussel lentil, bread chips and green asparagus foam; scampi

SPA |Spring pampering

A new season deserves a whole new you! This season, Banyan Tree Spa is offering a fresh start for springtime with Banyan Blooms, a 120-minute treatment plus 30 minutes of


Originally from the North-west of France, Chef Jean-Yves Guého currently co-owns the restaurant L’Atlantide in Britanny, which earned a Michelin star within a year of its opening in 1998. The

SPA | Natural Lift

The 90-minute Utopia Advanced Anti-ageing Facial commences with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to renew and brighten the skin. Guests will then enjoy a unique lifting, toning massage that targets

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