EVA Air to operate flights from Macau to Europe

EVA Air will operate five flights from Macau to Europe in August and September, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) said at Friday’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center press conference.
MGTO spokesperson Lau Fong Chi revealed that three flights will depart from Macau on August 26, September 9 and September 23, lay over in Taipei and then fly to London.
Another two flights will head out from Macau to Taipei on August 28 and September 4, before continuing to France.
The flights are purposely coordinated for Macau students to travel to the European continent to study. However, all interested Macau residents are encouraged to contact EVA Air regarding the details.
In addition, Air Macau also provides transport possibilities to London but, instead of laying over in Taipei, the flight will transit through Seoul.
The government reminded individuals who are interested in these flights to take a Covid-19 test and apply for a printed test result. People can apply for the printed test report at the Pac On Covid-19 test site, the Macau Forum, or at the Conde S. Januário Hospital Centre.
Currently, the Macau SAR government is able to carry out 23,000 Covid-19 tests on a daily basis. As of today, over 300,000 Macau local residents and non-local workers have already received the first-time test for free.
According to Lo Iek Long, clinical director of the public hospital, several local private healthcare organizations have already submitted a request to the local government to gain official approval for providing Covid-19 test services.
However, during the press conference, Lo did not elaborate on the details, having only said that the government will release information in due time.
According to Lo, any private organization, as long as it is qualified, is allowed to provide the test service to people with urgent needs.
Compared to Hong Kong, Macau does not have the necessity of testing every single resident.
Previously, two Macau gaming concessionaires tested 25,000 casino frontline workers. Within a short time, the government will work with the remaining four gaming operators to test more casino frontline workers.

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