ECONOMY | Beijing finds agreement with IMF about slowdown

Central bankers and International Monetary Fund officials agree with Beijing: a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy is considered healthy and there’s no need for further monetary easing. People’s Bank of

Analysis | Declining teacher ethics ring alarm bells

On Sunday, southwest China’s Sichuan Fine Arts Institute barred Wang Xiaojian, a retired associate professor, from attending any of the institute’s teaching, research and academic activities, after pictures of him

Xinjiang |Court sentences 12 to death for terrorism

Xinhua News Agency said the court in Kashgar prefecture sentenced another 15 people to death with a two-year reprieve, and nine people received life sentences. Xinhua said another 20 defendants

TWIN STORMS | Workers clear debris after Indian cyclone kills 8

More than 1,000 rescue workers and soldiers cleared away piles of uprooted trees and electrical poles blocking roads yesterday after powerful Cyclone Hudhud slammed into India’s eastern coast, leaving at least eight

SRI LANKA | Train service back in former war zone

Cheered by tens of thousands of people, a train decorated with banana plants and colorful flower garlands arrived in Sri Lanka’s northern Tamil heartland yesterday, 24 years after the “Queen

MYANMAR | In Parliament, colorful hats cap divisions 

The only question opposition lawmaker U Win Htein asked Parliament last session was for permission to remove his silk turban, saying it was causing him headaches and hair loss. The

Ebola | Health worker’s infection raises concern for caregivers

The U.S. health worker who contracted Ebola after being in contact with an infected patient in Dallas is leading officials to examine how widespread the danger is for those who

South Africa | Psychologist says Pistorius is ‘broken man’ 

Oscar Pistorius is a «broken man» after killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp because he lost her, his reputation, friends, income and sense of self-worth, a psychologist called by the Olympic runner’s lawyers testified

Offbeat | Large mosaic in ancient tomb uncovered in Greece

The mosaic, 3 meters long and 4.5 meters  wide, depicts a horseman with a laurel wreath driving a chariot drawn by two horses and preceded by the god Hermes. According

This Day In History: 1973 Thai army shoots protesters

Violence broke out when several thousand students took to the streets demanding the military government step down. They are also calling for an early introduction of a constitution. Today demonstrators barricaded

US high school football case puts hazing in focus

Seven teens face sex crime charges as a solidly middle-class town and its beloved high school football program find themselves at the center of the broader debate over how to

HK Observer: Not time to throw in the towel

Hong Kong is no stranger to massive street protests. The last was in 2003, when half a million people took to the streets to protest the proposed anti-subversion law, required

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* Nobre de Carvalho Bridge reaches its 40th anniversary * Consumer Council advises caution * SMG says bad air quality ‘normal’ for this season * Frenchman Tirole wins Nobel Prize   DOWNLOAD

The Buzz | Local woman contracts dengue fever in Guangzhou

A 47-year-old local woman has contracted dengue fever while visiting her relatives in Guangzhou city. According to the Health Bureau, this is another case of imported dengue fever. The woman

World briefs

CHINA Chinese rights lawyers say their meeting in a Beijing suburb to discuss wrongful cases has been broken up by police who stormed into their conference room. It’s the latest

GAMING ALERT | Billionaire: lawmaker ‘selling out’ Atlantic City

Carl Icahn accused New Jersey’s Senate president of “selling out” Atlantic City by considering casinos near New York City, while the legislative leader said the state wouldn’t give the billionaire

Gov’t urges Sin Fong Garden owners to reach consensus

In a statement issued last week, the government recalled that proprietors need to reach an agreement on the type of reconstruction they would prefer. Moreover, they urged Sin Fong residents

Report: US should urge local officials to implement universal suffrage

In its annual report published last week, the Commission said that it observed no progress regarding the UN Human Rights Committee’s 2013 recommendations that Macau should “set timelines for the

Local and foreign scholars discuss public management in Macau

Alongside local scholars, the experts will be providing insights on how to better administrate government services. The deputy director of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), Kou Peng Kuan,

Hundreds participate in CEM fun fair

The Times spoke to two students from Escola Secundária Pui Ching, Miss Chou and Miss Wong, who were responsible for running a game booth. They said that they have learnt

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