Bizcuits | Our students: a shocking waste of resources

I have long advocated international students be permitted to work in Macau during their studies, and although that stance has not changed, the geo-political situation has, and strengthens

Bizcuits | Vulnerable expatriates in crisis

Beyond the glamour and the rewards of an expatriate life there are inevitable difficulties caused by stresses of adjusting to a strange environment.  Where personal stress and

Bizcuits | Animal cruelty coming off the menu

Environmental sustainability has gained traction from our Integrated Resorts. Earlier focus was on the traditional low-hanging fruit of cost-cutting through water and energy efficiencies, recycling and CO2 emissions.

Bizcuits | Foreign, dark-skinned, female and thoroughly exploitable

Even though the draft bill to set a statutory minimum wage of MOP32 per hour has been accepted this week in the Legislative Assembly, it continues to divide

Bizcuits | Fields of Green…

I dream of a day when all the casinos in Macau have edible gardens on their expansive roof-top real estate. I have voiced this only once

Bizcuits | Why Plastic-Free July is coming again

From modest beginnings in Perth in 2011, Plastic-Free July is back with #ChooseToRefuse and #PlasticFreeJuly challenges. Last year over 2 million people from 177 countries participated (14,000 people

Bizcuits | Talent outside the box

A few years ago, Ernst & Young, the fifth largest recruiter of graduates in the UK, removed from their employment criteria the requirement for a university degree. It

Bizcuits | Mass confusion

Las Vegas Sands Ltd released their first quarter results after share markets closed in the US Wednesday. Industry media writers and analysts offer us interesting insight and some

Bizcuits | Labour protection: No value in values

Macau residents would not have been surprised by the Times’ exposé (Special Report March 8) of the conditions our most vulnerable workers are at times forced to accept.

Bizcuits | Death and other ways to motivate

Take a Master of Business Administration course, any under-graduate business degree or work-place leadership seminar and you will come across many theories on how to motivate employees.

Bizcuits | Honey, Honey

Early in my move to Macau, an old-hand expatriate advised me that to maintain healthy equilibrium, I should regularly spend time away from the city. Currently on that

Bizcuits | Ethnocentrism clouds analysis

Although flagged in gaming analyst reports back in February 2018, the public announcement of a reshuffling of the control of the Stanley Ho family gaming empire on Wednesday

Bizcuits | The Bridge and other symbols

Whether they be the most monumental, mundane or just plain, products and artefacts that we interact with each day hold meaning, even those that are hardly noticeable. A door

Bizcuits | Black Friday Spoils and Devastation

It was severely hot and dry that summer in Victoria. The drought had lasted several years, creeks and riverbeds were dry, and Melbournians were on water rations. Bush

Bizcuits | A story on your dinner plate

Lily died in a 4WD accident earlier this year. Her coming of age 21st birthday would have fallen on Mother’s Day. Instead, the day marked the

Bizcuits | Activists: Guiding us down Desire Paths

Desire paths are tracks worn by the wishes and feet of those gone before. As explained in an article in last week’s Guardian, they very often run contrary

Bizcuits | Casinos Innovate in Zero-Waste

Annie Lao, a fellow plastic-waste activist, and her team petitioned the government to take some baby-step actions to curb Macau’s disproportionate creation and mismanagement of solid waste. The

Bizcuits  | The last straw

Recently we have seen some concerted single-use plastic and waste activism locally; and not before time. From a petition seeking a plastic-bag ban to “plogging”, individuals and groups

Bizcuits | The elephant on the bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB) has long been proposed (2002), planned (from 2004) and contracts signed (2009). It has long been in development, long been seen under construction

Bizcuits | The ambush of Abusive Supervision

You invest in Human Resource Management. You take pains to understand people management or bring HR professionals to do the work. They sit at the top of the

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