US invitation of Taiwan to democracy summit angers Beijing

The Biden administration has invited Taiwan to its Summit for Democracy next month, the State Department announced, prompting sharp criticism from China, which considers the self-ruled island as its territory. The

Analysis | US-China spats rattle world, prompting calls for unity

Antagonisms between the United States and China are rattling governments around the world, prompting a German official to warn of "Cold War 2.0" and Kenya's president to appeal for unity

China accuses US of improperly entering Houston consulate

China's foreign ministry complained today (Saturday) that American law enforcement officials improperly entered its consulate in Houston, which was ordered to close in an escalating diplomatic feud. The ministry gave no

Chinese researcher charged with US visa fraud is in custody

A Chinese researcher accused of concealing her ties to the Chinese military on a visa application she submitted so she could work in the U.S. was booked Friday (today, Macau

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