World Views | How Biden could avoid Obama’s biggest Iran mistake

  In March 2015, as nuclear negotiations between Iran and the world powers entered the home stretch, 47 Republican senators wrote an open letter to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, warning that a

World Views | Trump’s WeChat ban is just a MAGA wall in cyberspace

  Having failed to complete a huge wall along the U.S. southern border, President Donald Trump’s administration now seems desperate to build one in cyberspace for similar spurious reasons. Whereas the bogeyman

World Views | ByteDance is playing chicken with Trump on TikTok

  There have been enough leaks over the past few days to get a sense of what the TikTok-Oracle Corp. deal looks like. The details are revelatory, with two aspects in particular worthy

World Views | Retailers think you can’t work in sweatpants forever

  Consumerism is back in fashion in spite of the enduring Covid-19 pandemic. The biggest European clothing retailers Inditex SA and Hennes & Mauritz AB both demonstrated that demand for fast-fashion is stronger than expected

World Views | Europe needs to recognize the threat from Russia

During two decades as Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin has rarely concealed his contempt for Western-style democracy and the rule of law. The poisoning of Russian political activist Alexei Navalny, amid a widening

World Views | Mutant algorithms are coming for your education

  Bad algorithms have been causing a lot of trouble lately. One, designed to supplant exam scores, blew the college prospects of untold numbers of students attending International Baccalaureate schools around the world.

World Views | Trump or Biden, who’s best for dollar vs. euro?

  Strategists at JPMorgan Chase & Co. wrote this week about the odds narrowing on a Donald Trump win in the U.S. presidential election. His opponent, Joe Biden, is still comfortably

World Views | China banks have a problem $96 billion can’t fix

This isn’t the bottom for Chinese banks’ bad loans. Be prepared for more and weaker balance sheets. China’s lenders reported large declines in net profit for the first time in decades Sunday,

World Views | You think FAANG is distorting the S&P? consider ATM

Many have lamented the lack of depth in the U.S. stock market, marveling at how a handful of big tech companies have grown to dominate almost a quarter of the

World Views | Is Big Oil still a big deal?

From Monday there will be just one oil company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average — Chevron Corp. The removal of Exxon Mobil Corp. from the index after an uninterrupted

World Views | A chance for the EU to become the green bond king

  The green bond market has blossomed, with annual global issuance growing fivefold in the past half-decade. To become a fully fledged asset class, it needs a benchmark borrower. That’s a role the European Union is

World Views | Women have been better leaders than men during the pandemic

  The evidence is in: At least during the first wave of Covid-19, countries with female leaders suffered far lower death rates than comparable nations led by men. This doesn’t mean

World Views | Let Bannon arrest be the coda on Trump’s corrupt presidency

  Steve Bannon’s arrest on fraud charges is hardly a tragedy in the traditional sense of the word. Sure, the fall of a hero is the hallmark of tragedy, and Bannon

World Views | Holiday Inn may offer refuge from the pandemic

  With international travel decimated by Covid-19, it’s a dark time for hoteliers. So it’s hardly surprising that Accor SA might be interested in a merger with London-listed InterContinental Hotels Group Plc, owner

World Views | Hezbollah will not escape blame for beirut

  As if the Lebanese haven’t suffered enough. For months, they have been caught between an economic meltdown, crumbling public services and a surging pandemic. Now they must count the dead and survey

World Views | Apple, Amazon and Google are all pretty bulletproof

  Europe has the motivation, but not the means, to break up Big Tech. For the U.S., the inverse is true. That’s bad news for anyone hoping for a full regulatory

World Views | Why big nations have been brought low by the pandemic

India is now the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic. It ranks just behind the U.S. and Brazil in confirmed cases and is growing faster than either. The total rose

World Views | Working from home is terrible news for landlords everywhere

  Early on in the pandemic, reports of the death of the office appeared greatly exaggerated. But as Covid-19 lingers, and second infection spikes dot the global map, something is changing

World Views | Poor countries are running out of time to get rich

  The United Nations currently predicts that by 2027, India will overtake China as the world’s most populous country. Estimates suggest India and Nigeria will together add 470 million people in

World Views | As the EU evolves, it’s jerks against creeps

  Europe will be “forged in crises,” said Jean Monnet, a founding father of what became the European Union. For decades it’s been a favorite quote of Europhiles, and this week’s pandemic

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