World Views | The economic hit from coronavirus is all in your mind

Hindsight can be an asset during an epidemic: Lessons from the past help steer public decision-making and avoid repeating mistakes. Unfortunately, rearview mirrors appear to be in short supply these days. For

World Views | How to navigate your most dangerous decade

Losing a job is almost always traumatic. In your 50s, job loss can be devastating — and devastatingly common. More than half the workers who entered their 50s with stable, full-time

World Views | How the coronavirus could help Trump

There has been plenty of talk about how the coronavirus might affect politics in China, for example by eroding trust between the Chinese public and its leadership. In the U.S., however, the

World Views | Trump’s French Trade Truce Only Puts Off the Battle

Who said Davos doesn’t make a difference? As world leaders, business executives and cheerleaders for the planet descended on the Swiss resort for the annual World Economic Forum,

World Views | Hong Kong Could Be a Loser From the Trade Deal

As the gateway for China’s trade with the world for more than 70 years, Hong Kong might be expected to benefit from the phase one deal that Beijing will sign

World Views | Ghosn Attacks the System That Crowned Him

  Carlos Ghosn was nothing short of a celebrity in Japan. He carefully cultivated the image of a rebel outsider, but operated successfully enough within Japan Inc. to be adopted as

World Views | Good Riddance to Qassem Soleimani

Qassem Soleimani was never going to die peacefully in his bed. As It is a measure of Soleimani’s brashness that he nonetheless strutted around Baghdad in

World Views | What happens when an airline opens a restaurant?

  The Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur has more than 100 restaurants, cafes, and snack stands to meet every kind of craving. As of this month, that list includes a

World Views | Women dominated the decade

People react so emotionally to politics, I have decided to assess the decade just past by considering something less partisan but no less illuminating: culture. Start with

World Views | A too-big-to-fail toxic monster. China’s plan C

China’s small bank problem may be about to get a lot bigger. The slowing economy is exposing vulnerabilities built up by years of aggressive lending — and Beijing’s plans to preserve stability

World Views | Warmer Winters won’t mean fewer deaths

On a recent day in Denver, snow fell just eight hours after the  Mortality rates are indeed much higher during  Most of this increase is due to

World Views | China’s industrial policies work. So copy them

China hawks are chastising President Donald Trump’s “ In one typical critique, experts at the Peterson Institute, a Washington think tank,  Until recently, mainstream economists and policymakers

World Views | Democracy is on the march, not in retreat

Across the world, from Hong Kong to Ecuador, Sudan to Iraq, angry protesters are filling urban streets and squares, clashing with police, smashing shops and burning tires. They do not

World Views | Emmanuel Macron can’t save Boris Johnson

Whoever came up with the Article 50 process for leaving the European Union probably never thought it would be used, let alone turned into a maddening form of procedural torture

World Views | Starbucks stores that only accept mobile orders sure beat the line

How worried should we be about Starbucks’s recent announcement that it plans to begin testing a new type of store that only takes orders via mobile app — no cashiers? At

World Views | Robot wolves might just save Japan

With flashing red eyes and a swiveling head, Yuuji Ohta’s robot wolf bares its white canines and lets out an array of ghastly growls. A matted coat of brown

World Views | Populism will probably just go away soon, so relax

Populism has become a defining feature of public life. It embraces a narrative of victimhood and grievance, pitting “people” against “elites.” U.S. President Donald Trump’s protectionism and hostility

World Views | Time to unlock the Brexit relief fund

If the U.K. parliament can’t clean up the Brexit mess, it might be time for Europe to start spending instead. The economic impact of a worst-case no-deal Brexit

World Views | At the G7, Trump is one of the popular ones

Donald Trump is an unpopular president. According to the  But as the president meets with leaders of the other G7 countries in the French resort city of

World Views | Trump trolls the Nordics. They troll him back

Donald Trump’s  Since his election as president, Trump has needled every Nordic nation except Iceland (though his son Eric reportedly had an abortive  Trump first trolled

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