World Views | Medical examiners and coroners have borne a heavy burden during the Covid-19 pandemic

“We stopped doing heads.” It was the second time I’d heard a medical examiner say this while I was studying how the roles of medical examiners and

World Views | Why does Beijing have the Olympics again?

The Beijing Winter Olympics open in just under two months and are now the target of a diplomatic boycott by the United States, with others likely to follow.

World Views | Aung San Suu Kyi: The legal challenges

The prison sentence given to ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi yesterday on charges of incitement and failing to observe pandemic restrictions is one small shot in

World Views | Thousands harmed by Facebook, Instagram lost in Meta’s ‘average user’ data

Fall 2021 has been filled with a steady stream of media coverage arguing that Meta’s Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram social media platforms pose a threat to users’ mental health and

World Views | Entrepreneurship classes aren’t just for business majors

Colleges are returning to normal operations, and many have begun to offer in-person classes once again. But are they prepared to teach students how to navigate post-pandemic life? Or how

World Views | Travel trouble: US Olympians face uncertain road to Beijing

Making an Olympic team is hard enough. This winter, those who earn their spots on the U.S. squad might find it takes even more work to get to Beijing. Among the

World Views | Good COP, bad COP? Takeaways from the new UN climate deal

After two years of preparation and 13 days of tough talks, did negotiators at the U.N. climate meeting in Glasgow save the planet? In short: no. But they were hardly expected to

World Views | What the world can learn from the Buddhist concept loving-kindness

As the world deals with the trauma caused by COVID-19, World Kindness Day, observed on Nov. 13 annually, is a good opportunity to reflect on the healing potential of both

World Views | Why taxing US billionaires’ wealth – as Biden tried to do – will never work

The speed with which a tax on billionaires came and went as a means to pay for President Joe Biden’s economic agenda shows why it’s so hard to tax wealth

World Views | Kids with obesity need acceptance from family and friends, not just better diet

Hundreds of programs over the past four decades – from the removal of junk food from school vending machines to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign – have tried to get

World Views | Hollywood’s love of guns increases the risk of shootings – both on and off the set

  In what appears to be a tragic accident, actor Alec Baldwin shot dead a cinematographer on Oct 21, 2021, while discharging a prop gun on set in New Mexico. It is

World Views | IMF official: Pandemic resurgence slows Asia’s recovery

In its recent Regional Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a turn for the worse in Asia since the spring, along with the

World Views | How many lives have coronavirus vaccines saved? Many

More than 200 million U.S. residents have gotten at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine with the expectation that the vaccines slow virus transmission and save lives. Researchers know the

World Views | US-China challenge: Easing tensions despite differences

In a relationship as fraught as America’s and China’s, just an agreement that talks were productive was a sign of progress. Nine months into Joe Biden’s presidency, the two sides finally

World Views | How gratitude can help your financial life

Gratitude makes us more aware of the sources of joy, wonder and hope in our lives. Being grateful also can improve health, strengthen relationships and help us manage our money. Developing

World Views | ‘The Big Delete:’ Inside Facebook’s crackdown in Germany

  Days before Germany’s federal elections, Facebook took what it called an unprecedented step: the removal of a series of accounts that worked together to spread COVID-19 misinformation and encourage violent

World Views | How many stars are there in space?

  Exactly how many stars are in space? – MeeSong, Brookline, Massachusetts Look up at the sky on a clear night, and you’ll see thousands of stars – about 6,000 or so. But

World Views | Europe’s central bank eases support, but it’s not a taper

  The European Central Bank will dial back some of its massive emergency pandemic support for the economy amid signs of increasing business activity and consumer readiness to spend as the

WORLD VIEWS | Who is Mullah Hasan Akhund?

Mullah Akhund is a fascinating but relatively enigmatic figure in the Taliban. He has been an influential figure in Afghanistan since the inception of the militant group in the 1990s. But unlike

World Views | Bitcoin is now ‘legal tender’ in El Salvador – here’s what that means

The government even went a step further in promoting the cryptocurrency’s use by giving US$30 in free bitcoins to citizens who sign up for its national digital wallet, known as “Chivo,” or

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