World Views | Elon Musk conveniently ignored bitcoin’s inconvenient truth

When electric carmaker Tesla Inc. said in February it would buy $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and start accepting it as payment, billionaire boss Elon Musk had little to say about the

World Views | If China shrinks, it’s the world’s problem

China’s slowest population growth in decades may be felt more acutely beyond its borders than within them. The economy will keep humming and incomes can continue to climb, albeit at a

World Views | Southeast Asia’s economies look more submerged than emerging

Times are tough when you’re wrestling with Covid-19, recession — and a rapidly recovering America. The U.S. offers superior rates of growth, a prospect once considered outlandish, and a bullish prognosis on

World Views | Europe starts to feel the vaccine effect at last

The European Union’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout had looked like a crossbetween a bad joke and a bad dream. Almost everything that could go wrong did: Logistical failures, supply delays, the odd diplomatic incident

World Views | Unseen digital cash will stretch your money

Away from the cryptocurrency craze, important changes are taking place in how financial institutions move funds. Unlike the upcoming digital yuan or the keenly awaited Britcoin and FedCoin, a wholesale version of electronic cash might never

World Views | Hong Kong bites the hands that care for it

It hasn’t been an edifying few days for Hong Kong. After a domestic worker from the Philippines was found late last week to have contracted a more infectious strain of Covid-19 locally, all 370,000 foreign

World Views | Biden pitches big government as antidote to crises

Forty years ago, a newly elected American president declared government the source of many of the nation’s problems, reshaping the parameters of U.S. politics for decades to come. , President

World Views | Google’s ad resurgence is just getting started

Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. is turning out to be one of the biggest winners of the economic reopening trade. On Tuesday, the company posted first-quarter sales results that were significantly higher than expected.

World Views | Four ways companies can adapt to deglobalization

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the trend toward freer movement of goods, capital and people known as globalization was facing severe headwinds in the form of trade wars, refugee

World Views | Biden’s Earth Day party invites the world but courts Americans

The original Earth Day on April 22 in 1970 drew Americans’ attention to their planet. This year’s is designed to draw the planet’s attention to Americans. President Joe Biden’s climate conference, kicking off on Thursday,

World Views | How much of China’s GDP was made in America?

China kicked off the year with a record expansion that even surpassed the glory days of the 1990s, when manufacturing and export stardom beckoned. The first-quarter performance — stellar as

World Views | The pandemic will be more deadly this year

Covid-19 is going to kill more people in 2021 than it did last year. If you want to see why, look at what’s happening in India. Cases have been surging in the country

World Views | EU’s bond bonanza will reshape the capital markets

The fixed-income landscape is set to be transformed as the European Union revs up to borrow $1 trillion by selling bonds in its own right. While talk of creating a market to

World Views | Don’t write off China’s vaccines — the world needs them

It’s been an awkward time for the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Gao Fu was cited over the weekend as telling a health conference that the agency was considering

World Views | The world’s biggest luxury group looks ready for a great year

Some good news for the luxury industry: There’s no sign of all that revenge spending running out of steam. Despite pandemic restrictions still gripping many parts of the world, LVMH Moet Hennessy

World Views | The FDA’s caution on the J&J vaccine is a costly mistake

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision to recommend a pause in distribution of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine has been roundly — and rightly — condemned across the political spectrum. It’s clear that

World Views | Europe is heading toward a new financial crisis

Europe faces a predicament. Even as it struggles to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s setting itself up for another crisis — this one financial. To ensure the viability of the

World Views | Where America’s vaccine triumph fell short

It’s not surprising that pharmacies are turning out to be fantastic at distributing Covid-19 vaccines. As Alex Tabarrok and I pointed out in February, they are literally everywhere — 86% of the US population lives within

World Views | Financial cooperation can help fight the pandemic

  The IMF’s new economic forecast offers encouragement to the world’s rich countries. They’re on track to recover strongly from the pandemic. For many poorer countries, the opposite is true: The end is

World Views | Hong Kong is giving itself another identity crisis

The Hong Kong government’s proposal to let directors obscure their identities on the companies register is a retrograde step that will facilitate fraud and corruption. Don’t take a journalist’s word for it.

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