World Views | Cash and credit cards are dirty

  Cash is dirty. Credit cards may be even dirtier. That’s a problem in this new germophobic world created by the coronavirus. There will likely be new winners and losers as consumers

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CHINESE officials say dry conditions, high temperatures and a sudden change in wind direction all contributed to the deaths of 19 people in a forest fire in mountainous southwestern China.

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PANDEMIC Bells tolled in Madrid’s deserted central square and flags were lowered in a day of mourning yesterday as Spain raced to build field hospitals to treat an onslaught of

World Views | Coronavirus makes America seem like a civilization in decline

  Crises such wars, depressions, natural disasters and pandemics can reveal differences in how effectively a society organizes itself. In the 1600s and 1700s, for example, Britain’s more advanced tax system

World Views | Nike’s Workout App Beats the Coronavirus Blues: Andrea Felsted

  As consumer groups grapple with how to cope with the unprecedented impact of Covid-19, Nike Inc., one of the world’s most successful brands, has given a useful road map. The retailer weathered

World Views | Coronavirus has turned the Facebook narrative

  The tension between the media and technology industries has long been characterized as a fight for users’ attention. The more of it they have, the greater the opportunity to sell

World Views | A Look at Economies and Markets After Covid-19

  The 1920s didn’t “roar” until viewed from the perspective of the depressionary 1930s. Similarly, in the aftermath of the serious global recession I believe the coronavirus has sparked, the 2010s will

World Views | Face masks signal  loud and clear

  One of the curious little mysteries of the coronavirus pandemic is why Japan’s cases have increased so slowly. The country hasn’t implemented the widespread testing of South Korea or the draconian lockdown

World Views | Big business has all the advantages in the pandemic

Even if fiscal stimulus is successful in getting the U.S. economy back on stable ground after the Covid-19 crisis, the economy will inevitably be transformed. When it comes to the

World Views | The economic myths US Democrats peddled at debate

At their debate in Ohio Tuesday night, Democratic presidential candidates emphasized what’s wrong with the economy. That’s not at all surprising: The party out of the White House

World Views | Bank of England and UK show how to deal with virus

Despite losing an empire and the sterling as the world’s reserve currency, the U.K. managed for years to punch well above its weight on international economic and financial issues, often

World Views | The last place you’d think to hide in a meltdown

As if markets didn’t have enough trouble. With the coronavirus outbreak intensifying, and the first shots of an oil price war fired, investors seem to be left with

World Views | Tech companies can track your panicky coronavirus searches

Two weeks ago, Sand Hill Road VC firm Andreessen Horowitz received some  Amazon was one of the first companies to  Then there’s Facebook, which tracks the

World Views | The world is a giant cruise ship called the Covid-19

I extended my hand to the woman with whom I’d been chatting for the past few minutes. “I’m Virginia,” I said. To my surprise, she responded not

World Views | Iran can’t be trusted to deal with coronavirus

  If the leadership of the World Health Organization can spare a moment from their genuflecting to Beijing, they should direct their attention to another authoritarian state struggling to contain the coronavirus: Iran.

World Views | China’s policy flip-flops are scaring investors

The Chinese public was caught off-guard Monday when Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, said it would ease a sweeping lockdown on the city, only to retract it hours

World Views | The Trump effect on the economy is undeniable

  Economists typically argue that the president has little effect on the economy. But it’s hard to think of a recent president for whom that is less true than Donald Trump.

World Views | The economic hit from coronavirus is all in your mind

Hindsight can be an asset during an epidemic: Lessons from the past help steer public decision-making and avoid repeating mistakes. Unfortunately, rearview mirrors appear to be in short supply these days. For

World Views | How to navigate your most dangerous decade

Losing a job is almost always traumatic. In your 50s, job loss can be devastating — and devastatingly common. More than half the workers who entered their 50s with stable, full-time

World Views | How the coronavirus could help Trump

There has been plenty of talk about how the coronavirus might affect politics in China, for example by eroding trust between the Chinese public and its leadership. In the U.S., however, the

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