World Views | Why the global oil glut might not fill swimming pools after all

One of the warning lights that there’s too much oil around is no longer flashing, adding to signs that global crude markets are finally on the mend. Just a month ago,

World Views | The most confusing Super Tuesday ever

We’re going to need some time to digest what happened on Tuesday night on the Republican side. Donald Trump won the most votes. He won the most states. He won

World Views | The genetic technology revolution

One of the most exciting and promising developments in the history of medical science may bypass the U.S. if Congress fails to act. It needs to lift the ban on

World Views | No, your coffee capsules aren’t killing the planet

Drowsy German bureaucrats in Hamburg will soon have one less option for a mid-afternoon caffeine jolt, after the city banned single-serve coffee machines such as Nespresso from government buildings. The

World Views | The perils of political hindsight in Iowa

On to New Hampshire. But first, before it fades, here’s what’s in the rear-view mirror in Iowa. 1. For the Democrats, there are two ways of interpreting what was basically a

World Views | India’s smart climate strategy

To many eyes, India looks like a roadblock to an effective world climate deal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demand for “climate justice” - meaning that rich nations should reduce their

World Views | Ending Islamic State Inc.

What it means for a European nation and member of NATO to declare war against a stateless band of terrorists is an interesting and important question, made urgent by Islamic

World Views | Virtual products are driving today’s job market

The U.S. economy added an impressive 271,000 jobs in October, as you’ve surely heard. The industry that led the way was professional and business services, with an increase of 78,000.

World Views | What’s the riskiest asset for banks? Bankers

It probably goes without saying, but the financial services sector has placed a tremendous amount of trust in its computers. They’re trusted to execute automated investment strategies, trusted to interact

World Views | NASA should boldly go… to China

When Matt Damon is rescued from Mars in this fall’s sci-fi blockbuster, “The Martian,” an assist from the Chinese space program is critical to getting the American home. The plot

World Views | Reform is working for Portugal

If no good deed goes unpunished, then Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho got off lightly in Sunday’s elections. After overseeing reforms that kept the Portuguese economy from getting worse,

World Views | When you can’t see Singapore, it looks like Beijing

Singapore is starting to look like Beijing or New Delhi. That’s because you can’t see it through the haze. Smog has disrupted outdoor events, forced schools to close and sent

World Views | A nation of refugees opens its doors

“Europe’s biggest migration emergency since the Second World War” – that’s how most British newspapers described a massive influx of Syrian refugees last week. The accompanying stories criticized the callous

World Views | Banks are dangerously exposed to China

Until very recently, large exposure to China was seen as an advantage, a toehold in the market of the future. Now it’s seen as a risk, and some of the

World Views | Asia should focus more on the future than the past

In Europe, the more time that passes from the terrible events of the second world war, the more the rancour diminishes between the warring nations. In north-east Asia, sadly, the

World Views | What Europe should learn from Asia’s crisis

Asian leaders could be excused a degree of exasperation over the ongoing Greek mess. China’s slowdown and stock-market chaos are worry enough; the last thing the export-dependent region needs is

World Views | Greece would be better off just leaving the euro zone

Does Greece belong in the euro area? This fundamental question has divided Europe’s governments for months, and still does. The deal just announced only pretends to resolve their disagreement. That’s

World Views |Malaysia must overcome legacy of patronage politics

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak may very well be, as he insists, innocent of charges that nearly USD700 million in government-linked funds ended up in his personal accounts. But his

World Views | Greek referendum wasn’t what you think

The thumping win for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Sunday’s referendum is being celebrated as a moment of clarity – by core supporters of Tsipras’s Syriza-led government in Athens

World Views | Greek referendum offer is more con than democracy

The Greek parliament has approved a referendum to decide whether to accept the latest bailout terms offered by the country’s creditors. It will come too late and ask the wrong question. This is a

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