Remnants of East Germany, 30 years after its end

Thirty years after Germany was reunited, many once-decrepit city centers in the formerly communist east have been painstakingly restored and new factories have sprung up. But many companies and facilities didn’t

France to ban use of wild animals in circuses, marine parks

France’s environment minister has announced a gradual ban on using wild animals in traveling circuses, on keeping dolphins and killer whales in captivity in marine parks and on raising mink

World Views | Hot-desking is a good way to lose your best staff

Corporate bean counters must be tempted to slash office space as work-from-home advice resumes where Covid cases are surging. But succumbing will mean consequences for recruitment. It’s easy to forget that offices

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 – edition no. 3630

— China’s luxury shoppers should avoid travelling overseas and opt for national destinations such as Macau, Hainan on Golden Week * Hengqin top property investors from Macau * Grand Prix health measures

Crime | Four fall victim to nude chat fraud, including two teenagers

In the past few days, the Judiciary Police (PJ) has received four reports related to blackmail following nude video calls, the department said during a press conference yesterday. The first victim

TSI rules against gov’t on 102-year-old land dispute, compensation set at over MOP100 million

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has ruled on a land dispute originating from 1918 between the Macau government and the owners of a land plot with a total area

Golden Week to test Macau’s infection prevention measures

The week-long holiday that commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic of China, commonly known as Golden Week, will be the ultimate test of Macau’s prevention and control measures which

Local workforce unemployment rate rises to 4%

Macau’s unemployment rate is on the rise amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with the latest figure – covering the period from June to August – rising to 4% for the resident

Briefs | Macauslot sales down significantly in the first half of 2020

  The sales of Macau Slot Co. Ltd (Macauslot) in the first half of 2020 amounted to just 30% of that in the same period in 2019, according to a report

Macau Beijing office receives 180 assistance requests

  Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Macau SAR government’s Beijing office has received over 180 requests asking for assistance, according to Leong Kit Chi, director of the office.

Landslide reported yesterday morning amid rainstorm signal

A landslide was reported to have taken place near Hac Sá Village in Coloane, as heavy rainfall and a thunderstorm struck the city early yesterday morning. The weather conditions

Social media live broadcasts, influencer promotions to debut at trade show

A local business-to-consumer trade show will return in its seventh iteration during the upcoming October 1 long weekend with new highlights, such as influencer promotions and social media live sessions,

Sulu Sou cleared of four cases of election violations

Lawmaker Sulu Sou announced via a social media post that he has been cleared by the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) of four allegations of aggravated disobedience. The four charges were pressed

Restaurant manager saves young man from drowning

The general manager of a restaurant in downtown Macau jumped into Nam Van Lake on Friday afternoon to save a young man who appeared to be drowning. A video of the

TikTok | US federal judge postpones Trump ban on popular app

A federal judge yesterday postponed a Trump administration order that would have banned the popular video sharing app TikTok from U.S. smartphone app stores around midnight. A more comprehensive ban

Huawei | CFO case back in Canadian court today

A senior executive for Chinese communications giant Huawei Technologies will be in a Canadian courtroom today arguing her extradition to the U.S. should be halted because her rights have

China fires back at US over environment, South China Sea

U.S.-China friction flared again yesterday, with Beijing firing back at accusations by Washington that it is a leading cause of global environmental damage and has reneged on its promise not

This Day in History | 1960 Khrushchev anger erupts at UN

The Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev has disrupted a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly with several angry outbursts. Twice he pounded his desk and twice he shouted interruptions to show

Israel | Rabbis ponder Covid-19 queries of ultra-Orthodox Jewish life

Must an observant Jew who has lost his sense of taste and smell because of COVID-19 recite blessings for food and drink? Can one bend the metal nosepiece of a

Tesla’s $25,000 car doesn’t worry biggest rivals in China

Tesla Inc.’s plan to build a $25,000 car within the next three years doesn’t seem to have fazed China’s most-promising electric vehicle startups, with executives at the Beijing Auto Show

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