Galaxy’s President and Rio casinos close; SJM extends Grand Emperor Casino

As Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) abruptly closed a pair of satellite casinos yesterday midnight, reports about SJM Resorts, S.A’s attempt to extend Grand Emperor Casino have

A winning charmer in ‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’

Female desire is not a topic that gets a lot of space in mainstream Hollywood movies. And the desire of women north of 45? Well, that’s

Black Pearl for Summer

This summer, The Black Pearl Diamond Restaurants Gastronomic Series will be launched. Indeed, it is one of the most exciting events for gourmands organized by Melco Resorts

Gov’t justifies 11th day of quarantine with result of last NAT, procedures

Local health authorities have explained the reasons for extending the 10-day quarantine period into the 11th day. During the weekly press briefing of the Novel Coronavirus Response and

New Sino-Luso international school to start operations next year, sources say

A new Chinese-Portuguese international school will be in operation next year following the establishment of a topical association last November, the Times has learnt. A source

Detroit honors Vincent Chin, Asian American killed in 1982

“Although hate crimes existed, Vincent Chin did bring out a flash point for Asian Americans,” Stanley Mark, senior staff attorney at the New York-based Asian American Legal Defense

15 bids received to build Sewage Treatment Plant-Zone A bridges

The Public Works Bureau (DSOP) has received 15 bids as part of the tender for the construction of a pair of bridges connecting the Macau

75th anniversary recalls living up to ‘serve to change lives’

The Rotary Club of Macau’s 75th Anniversary Charity Ball has drawn attention to this year’s international theme, which is “Serve to Change Lives,” with the group

Wynn Promotes Sustainable Hospitality to Build Green Future

As a long-term member of the tourism and catering industries, Wynn places great value on food sustainability and ecological conservation, and is equally committed to the responsible

Chinese destroyer on long-distance exercises in Sea of Japan

  One of China’s largest and most capable combat ships is conducting long-distance exercises in the Sea of Japan, state media reported yesterday, in a display of

Kishida’s cautious course sets up potential long-term rule

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida did not look like he’d last long when he took office eight months ago. He was seen as nice, but indecisive

As Rwanda hosts summit, bloc’s role questioned

With fresh coats of paint and streets swept clean, Rwanda’s capital is preparing for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, which will bring leaders of the

1961 Russian dancer in freedom dash

Principal dancer of the Kirov Ballet, Rudolf Nureyev, has broken free from Russian embassy guards at a Paris airport and requested asylum in France. The 23-year-old Russian

Ethics adviser to scandal-hit UK leader Boris Johnson quits

The ethics adviser to Britain’s scandal-hit Prime Minister Boris Johnson has quit and accused the Conservative government of planning to flout conduct rules, weeks after a

Bomb threats made in Kosovo’s ethnic Serb-dominated areas

Police in Kosovo reported a series of bomb threats to schools in Serb- dominated areas yesterday, some of which have been confirmed as hoaxes. A police statement said

Bill to promote ideological attack on China not freedom of speech

The so-called China Social Media Reciprocity Act some House Republicans proposed to the United States legislature on Tuesday represents the latest attempt by some US politicians to prevent

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