Hengqin leader proposes visit restrictions eased

A government official in Hengqin has proposed providing visa-free access to foreigners who enter the island from Macau, according to a report by public broadcaster TDM.

Guangdong to offer 144-hour visa-free transit

Starting tomorrow, nationals from 53 countries can enjoy a 144-hour visa- free period when transiting through southern China’s Guangdong Province. The new move, approved by China’s

Hong Kong defends extradition law after largest protest in years

Hong Kong’s government said it would press ahead with legislation to end a ban on extraditions to mainland China, despite opponents staging one of the

Analysis | Bargain GBA islands unlikely to meet investor expectations

In April, the Department of Natural Resources of Guangdong Province issued the trial measures for the sale of non-resident island use rights, according to which the Guangdong government

Pirates of the Greater Bay

Cheung Po Tsai – literally Cheung Po the Kid, like many an outlaw before and after him – packed a lot into his short life: 15 years

China fugitive escapes again as Hong Kong mulls extradition law

Lam Wing-kee was nervously chain-smoking outside a Hong Kong train station, trying to make the decision of his life. Should he board a train to China

Thousands protest, many carrying umbrellas

Thousands of protesters have marched through downtown Hong Kong in opposition to changes to an extradition law that many see as eroding the territory’s independent legal system.

Guangzhou | Chinese customs seize fake Intel chips

Customs authorities in south China said it has seized a batch of chips, watches and women’s bags that infringed upon intellectual property rights (IPR). The Huangpu

GBA skepticism is groundless, says Forum Macau official

During a talk on the Greater Bay Area (GBA) organized by the Rui Cunha Foundation, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation

Huawei to provide telecom equipment to Mozambique

Mozambican telecoms company Tmcel will spend USD23 million on telecommunications equipment under a contract signed this week in Beijing with Chinese group Huawei, Mozambican state news

Guangdong announces policies allowing private ownership of GBA islands

Come to GBA to be an island owner,” mainland news outlet 21st Century Business Herald wrote in a report about the latest document issued by

Hong Kong targets major events with Kai Tak Sports Park

The neighboring region of Hong Kong (HK) is investing a total of HKD30 billion in a mega project that will transform the Kai Tak area into

Hong Kong | Court sentences leaders of Occupy Central movement

A court in Hong Kong handed down prison sentences of up to 16 months yesterday to eight leaders of massive 2014 pro-democracy protests on public nuisance offenses.

CLSA appoints Gould as CEO, replacing company veteran Slone

CLSA Ltd. appointed Rick Gould, head of its Americas business, as global chief executive officer after several top managers left the brokerage amid mounting tensions between

Cathay Pacific cracks down on internal theft

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. is cracking down on flight attendants taking in-flight supplies such as cutlery, champagne and ice cream, the South China Morning Post said, citing

Economist predicts Shenzhen’s leadership in GBA

Hong Kong-born American economist Steven Ng-Sheong Cheung has predicted that Shenzhen will become the leading municipality of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). On Saturday, Cheung

Rescue work underway for eight missing in Pearl River

Rescuers are searching for eight fishermen, including three from Macau, who have been missing off the Pearl River Estuary in south China for more than two

Macau gov’t mulls Zhuhai for GBA healthcare scheme trial

The government’s proposed healthcare insurance scheme, which is designed to cover Macau residents living in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), will likely begin as a trial in

Investment fund to explore Bay Area opportunity

Macau Chief Executive Chui Sai On has decided to set up an investment and development fund for use in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), managed by a

Guangdong economy grows 6.6% in first quarter

The gross domestic product of China’s manufacturing hub Guangdong Province increased 6.6% year-on- year in the first quarter of 2019, local authorities said yesterday. The province’s

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