Civil rights | Transgender man fights for job equality

A 28-year-old transgender man who goes by the name of “Mr. C” has become the public face of the fight for job equality in China, where sexual and gender minorities

Japan | Economy improved but weak; Abe set to delay tax hike

Japan’s economy remains weak but did better than expected in April, the latest data showed yesterday, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looked set to delay a 2017 tax hike to

India | Cows on track said to cost bullet train USD1b

India may spend as much as USD16 billion - over $1 billion more than initially estimated - on the nation’s first bullet train to elevate the entire railroad, a person

Health | Puerto Rico’s tourist industry feels economic sting of Zika

It was the wedding of one of her best friends, and Natalie Kao was going to be a bridesmaid in a fun, tropical setting on a small island just off

UEFA looks to December decisions to shape Champions League

UEFA is set to decide in December on changing the Champions League as Europe’s top clubs chase a new format and bigger share of the competition’s billion-dollar annual income. Closed-door meetings of European football

Crime declines by 7.1 percent during Q1

The latest crime statistics released yesterday show that the police authorities filed 3,333 criminal reports in total during this year’s first quarter. The figure represents a decrease of 255 cases

AL Plenary | Housing problems continue to top lawmakers’ agenda

The topic of housing was once again the main issue addressed in the plenary meeting of the Legislative Assembly (AL) yesterday. The plenary gathered to debate several spoken enquiries presented

Macau, Cambodia to cooperate on tourism training and education

A local delegation of 50 people is participating in the “Macau - Cambodia Investment & Tourism Development Seminar” held in Phnom Penh. Local business leaders from tourism, banking, trade and other

Senado Square residents, shop workers, complain about constant noise

Due to its central location, Senado Square has become a hotbed of protests. People living and working around the area have been complaining of the constant noise. The Macau General Union of

Health & Welfare | Beijing tracks the elderly as they take buses, go shopping

These days, when people over 80 in Beijing take a bus, see a doctor or spend money, their activities are digitally tracked by the government, as part of an effort to improve services for the country’s rapidly growing elderly population. The

Though largely unknown, Trump finds fans in China

China features prominently in the rhetoric of presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who accuses the country of stealing American jobs and cheating at global trade. In China though, he’s only just emerging as a public figure, despite notoriety elsewhere for his voluble utterances, high-profile businesses

Australia | Bleaching kills third of coral in Great Barrier Reef’s north

Mass bleaching has killed more than a third of the coral in the northern and central parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, though corals to the south have escaped with little damage, scientists said yesterday. Researchers

Philippines | Congress proclaims next president, vice president

The Philippine Congress yesterday proclaimed crime-busting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as president-elect and Rep. Leni Robredo as vice president-elect of a country that has been posting high growth rates but remains

Sweden | It’s raining men! Nordic state sees historic gender balance shift

Famous for its efforts to put women on an equal footing with men, Sweden is experiencing a gender balance shift that has caught the country by surprise: For the first

Football | Analysis: Serial winner Mourinho hired to revive fading Man United

Manchester United needed a serial winner to restore the team’s status as a European powerhouse. Jose Mourinho craved an iconic stage like Old Trafford to remind the world of his

Education | Over 1,400 graduates at UM’s congregation

The University of Macau (UM) on Saturday held its Congregation 2016, presenting graduation certificates to over 1,400 graduates at a ceremony which had nearly 4,000 guests. The Chief Executive, Chui Sai

Arts | Exhibition shows Borget’s paintings of Macau

The exhibition, “Auguste Borget: Travelling Painter on the South China Coast,” will be on show at the Museum of Art (MAM) between June 30 and October 9, featuring sketches, watercolors,

First IFFAM expects to attract 500 worldwide participants

The first edition of the International Film Festival & Awards – Macau (IFFAM) expects to bring over 500 participants from the global movie industry, according to Lorna Tee, head of

80km west of Macau | Power plant raises safety concerns

Components of the Taishan nuclear power plant, currently under construction and located about 80km west of Zhuhai and Macau, were reportedly made in China, although they were previously believed to

Finally allowed 2nd child, older Chinese parents turn to IVF

China’s decision to allow all married couples to have two children is driving a surge in demand for fertility treatment among older women, putting heavy pressure on clinics and breaking down

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