Views On Macau | Food: Cross-cultural flavors in Macau

Macau is globally famous as a haven for gambling. Luckily, getting great food there is no gamble. The Chinese region overtook Las Vegas in terms of gaming revenues almost a decade

Artifacts: The real China dream

While I was getting a foot massage in Zhuhai over the long weekend, as I was chatting with one of my friends a travel show was playing on TV in

Insight: Macau GP risks losing relevance

It was announced last week that the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) would not be returning to Macau next year. The decision was made by the FIA World Motorsport

Kapok | Expected Expectations

Nobody can deny it: the announcement of the new government line-up last Monday did not come as a surprise, quite the opposite. Secretaries’ and other senior officials’ names had been

HK Observer: Moving on

Occupy Central may not have fulfilled its intended goals but it has occupied the minds and hearts of Hong Kong’s youth.  It has also created a new driving force in

Vox Parva: Legacy of a great saint of the East

Like the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19, today also used to be a big feast in Macau. On December 3, 1552, a missionary who died at the age

Rear Window: Chui Sai On’s new beginning

We do take as good and insightful, the political trivia that there is no such thing as luck in politics. Under this rule, MSAR Chief Executive, Chui Sai On, was

Bizcuits | Happy Business

There are some weeks in which moments are connected by a particular theme that weaves its way across the day, through things we read and discussions we have and hear.

Artifacts: Paying for pink

When people ask me what living in Macau is like, invariably questions about whether I gamble and like to watch boxing (especially after last weekend’s Pacquiao-Algieri bout) tend to come

Our desk: Sell it to us first

I was at the press conference for the “Parade through Macau, Latin City” on Sunday. The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has adopted a rather quirky but interesting storyline for the

Insight | Macau: Nothing new under the sun

During a recent Legislative Assembly plenary meeting, the Chief Executive reviewed the government’s performance over the last five years.  The conclusion was made that the government has achieved its goals

Kapok: Moaners

When I voiced concern in my columns last February that Ho Iat Seng, the newly sworn-in president of the Legislative Assembly, was openly deploring the lack of “legal training” of

Hk Observer: Leading again. First crony capitalism now most narcissistic CEOs

In April, the Economist magazine placed Hong Kong at the top of the world rankings for crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is where the government and businesses collude or turn a

Vox Parva: What have we left the children?

Are we able to impart stories, serious knowledge and studies to our next generation? If so, in what occasions are we able to do it? I’ve kept asking myself this question

Our Desk: Transport Madness

When the Public Security Police’s whistles shrieked at the flustered streams of pedestrians in San Ma Lo, the dreadful story of four migrants’ deaths seemed to have been submerged in

World Views: Don’t just trust China on climate, verify

I wrote Wednesday that last week’s agreement between the U.S. and China to reduce carbon emissions was a smart move - not least because it pressures congressional Republicans not to

Bizcuits: Niche idea

One of those statistics in Macau that isn’t what it is: unemployment, 1.7% (Q3)! MDT’s award- winning cartoonist with an eye to the absurd saw the jocularity in the topic (MDT

World Views: China deftly changes the subject in Hong Kong

As hedge fund managers declare victory with the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock link, don’t forget the obvious losers: the city’s pro-democracy movement. For almost seven weeks, the students who

Artifacts: The Sushi Senkaku paradox

For all those fans of American TV shows out there, just in case you were thinking it, yes I do realise that the title of this column probably sounds like

World Views: Putin’s Hitler-pact defense should worry everyone

Russian President Vladimir Putin made headlines around the world last week when he defended the 1939 Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact, by which Stalin and Hitler agreed secretly to divide Eastern Europe between them.

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