USA | 2 New York police officers killed in ambush shooting

  The two New York City police officers who were ambushed and shot to death in their vehicle yesterday (Macau time) were “quite simply, assassinated,” and the suspect had made Instagram

This Day in History: 1972 Survivors found 10 weeks after plane crash

The first news that anyone had survived came when two of the passengers reached civilization yesterday after a 10 day trek to get help. The two men, Roberto Canessa and Fernando

FEATURE | AP Exclusive: Fidel survived odd, often inept, US schemes

For over half a century, the U.S. government’s schemes to overthrow the Castro government were, if not successful, always creative: the poisonous cigars, the exploding seashell, the secret Twitter-like service

Ask the Vet | Canine Distemper Virus

Canine distemper virus is an RNA virus from the morbillivirus family. In humans, measles is caused by a member of this virus family. Distemper virus is more likely to affect puppies

Antarctica waters | Protesters in contempt of court for anti-whaling campaign

Radical environmentalists who threw acid and smoke bombs at Japanese whalers were found in contempt of court last week for continuing their relentless campaign to disrupt the annual whale hunt

Offbeat | Germany: 33 kilos of cocaine in coffee shipment

A Berlin coffee business found stimulants it didn’t expect in a shipment of unroasted coffee from Brazil: 33 kilos of cocaine. Police in the German capital said Thursday that employees at

22 straight victories | Real Madrid beat San Lorenzo, crowned champ at Club World Cup

  Real Madrid outclassed San Lorenzo of Argentina 2-0 in the Club World Cup final yesterday (Macau time) to put a crown on its status as the best club in world

Insight: Xi Jinping’s message to Macau

Xi Jinping’s visit to Macau to host the swearing-in ceremony of the MSAR’s new government attested again to his popularity in China. According to a recent survey cited by the

Breaking news: President Xi cautions Macau against foreign forces

Chui Sai On takes oath as Chief Executive of MSAR for a second term Chinese President Xi Jinping today urged the semiautonomous former Portuguese colony of Macau to guard

THE BUZZ: UK police probe murder claims in child abuse case

British police say they are investigating three allegations of murder as part of an inquiry into claims that prominent people sexually abused children several decades ago. London’s Metropolitan Police force says

India’s space program notches 2 more successes

India yesterday announced two more successes in its space program — launching the country's largest rocket and testing the re-entry of an unmanned crew module, part of India's quest to send

World briefs

AUSTRALIA'S prime minister says that a deadly siege in a Sydney cafe may have been preventable, as the chorus of critics demanding to know why the gunman was out on

IACM imposes restrictions on New Macau’s proposed protest route

The New Macau Association (ANM) revealed that the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) imposed restrictions on their proposed protest route planned for this Saturday, TDM News reported. The pro-democracy group

Trade barriers between Macau and Guangdong further removed

“The agreement allows Guangdong to open up a total of 153 service trade sectors to Macau, accounting for 95.6 percent of all 160 service trade sub-sectors under the World Trade

Hac Sa beach parking remains as ‘dumping car ground’

Beach-goers and residents in search of a moment of peace while enjoying the views of one of Macau’s seafronts at Hac Sa beach are often faced with the challenge of

Extension of border operating hours welcomed

  Macau’s three borders are operating under extended crossing schedules since yesterday in a change welcomed by residents and non-resident workers who are now presented with more options to travel between

HK’s TV drama cast returns to Macau

In the first year after Macau’s handover to China, a romance-themed TV drama was produced in Macau. Literally titled “The Moonlight at the 5th of October ” in Chinese, the

MSAR 15th Anniversary | Housing : Almost a fifth of locals live in public housing

Data compiled by the Housing Bureau (IH) shows that to September 116,228 people were living in public housing, which represents 18.4 percent of Macau’s population. 75.6 percent out of the total

CULTURAL EVENTS | CREATIVE INDUSTRIES : IC pledges ‘transforming Macau into a culturally sustainable city’

  The former president of the Cultural Institute Carlos Marreiros praised the “substantial steps” taken by Macau in the creative industries sector, as well as the investments in creating brands “made

BRIEFS: Worker dies after construction site fall

A man died yesterday after falling from the fourth floor of a construction site, TDM News reported. Police said that the incident took place at around 12pm at the Macau

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