Animal Farm | Allegiance to Nam Van!

Even though I am no longer working there, I raise the following as a matter of justice – that precious and forsaken jewel! For those with no knowledge of the times,

Animal Farm | The economy we still have

Made at the beginning of the year, my gaming income forecasts for 2021 pointed to 93.8 billion patacas, a figure more accurate than those presented either by the Government or

Animal Farm | Dreaming is a right!

The first time I visited China, I had been invited by Ma Man Kei, thirty-three years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. I visited Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Animal Farm | A balance of payments that doesn’t pay my doubts

I cautiously read the data released by AMCM regarding the 2020 and 2019 Balance of Payments. At the beginning of September, I contested the quality of these values in an email

Animal Farm | The economic recovery imperative

The Government has decided to launch towards the end of this economic year “8 measures to support SMEs,” to which I add, and workers. For the time being, nothing has been

Animal Farm | Diversification into vanity

Beauty products, make-up and skin care work their little miracles. Or to rephrase, when vanity helps this economy. Exports of goods as a contribution to GDP exploded in 2020 (a year

Animal Farm | Economy, where are you and where are you going?

  1. Deflation (measured by the average change in CPI over 12 months, and which is nothing more than negative inflation) started in March this year and has worsened monthly, until

Animal Farm | The Callow Catalogue

How is it possible that the Government of Macau produces such a biased ‘pamphlet’ for the consideration of Macau residents? A document that should be neutral, technically moderate, modern – and

Animal Farm | Hengqin, the catalyst!

The master plan for the development of the Guangdong-Macau intensive cooperation zone in Hengqin was recently made public. These are the first steps to be taken towards the integration of

Animal Farm | Pragmatism

1. Macau will have to increase its efforts, and China must show greater openness, in order to reach 130 billion per year in gambling revenue in 2021, as predicted by

Animal Farm | Rethinking gaming in Macau

Edmund Ho launched the liberalization of the gaming industry just after the transition. Gaming revenues were almost insignificant in that time compared to today. At the time, gaming was already the golden

Animal Farm | For us to think about!

The Government has taken steps to address the current situation. These are positive measures, but most will only start to apply when this outbreak passes. And until then? What do we do?

Animal Farm | Hong Kong: where are you and where are you going?

Hong Kong is entering a spiral of violence that, especially in the face of unequal forces, is not a solution for those who aspire to keep or have greater democracy

Animal Farm | Hong Kong, a complex problem?

Many innocent people show little knowledge, or even contempt, for what China has done in these forty years, with many political games behind the scenes within the limits

Animal Farm | An exercise of Patriotism?

The two-year Chinese sovereign bond issue in Macau will be a good exercise to see how far patriotism will go. I hope I’m not running the risk of

Animal Farm | The challenges  of Ho Iat Seng

Ten years ago I wrote “The Chui Sai On Challenges” as follows: “Continue, improve, simplify, anticipate and innovate … During these ... years of activity of

Animal Farm | Writing in water, again?

1. I wrote in one of the local newspapers late January that lower economic growth, as measured by GDP growth, was usually a sign that inflation could be

Animal Farm | Creativity is lacking everywhere

The scarcity of human resources in Macau is an irrefutable fact. No one doubts this, even the most aggressive populist, those guys that always try to ignore the

Animal Farm | Local challenges!

Whilst completely absorbed by the closure of the Canidrome, although much has happened in the last eight months, most of that time I experienced the same old problems which

Animal Farm | Written in water!

1.The end of the contracts of the two Portuguese legal advisors to the Legislative Assembly came with a justification that was at the time presented by the President

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