Kapok | The letter versus the spirit

A lot has been said already regarding the so-called “clarifications” issued on August 3 by the Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) in relation to the forbidding of so-called “political propaganda”

Kapok | The variable geometry of the ‘one country’

The fact that Macao immigration has been barring some Hong Kong residents from entering the territory of the Macao SAR is widely acknowledged and documented. It is neither

Kapok | Half-full, I say!

Most things in life are about perspective. Even a supposedly clear-cut situation can be seen with very different eyes. Back in 2008, then American senator Barack Obama remarked in

Kapok | Frustrating exhilaration

Against all odds, the democratic fervour that has engulfed Hong Kong in the past two years appears far from being abated—quite the contrary. The clear cut victory

Kapok | Living together

Being in France just a few days after the horrendous truck attack that took place in the Southern French city of Nice on Bastille Day, claiming the life of 84

Kapok | Fooling the Fools

It is indeed always moving to see the rich and powerful coming to the rescue of the rule of law, or more exactly the rule by law, which has to

Kapok | Popular sovereignty

Referenda can be divisive, very much so. And the vote over whether to remain in the European Union or not that is taking place in the United Kingdom at the

Kapok | The plumber and the architect(s)

In the latest stages of the protracted public consultation regarding the amendment of the electoral law for the Legislative Assembly — remember, we have elections next year — the voice

Kapok | Impotence in politics

Several reasons can explain why many governments around the world, in democratic or partially democratic and at least liberal settings, have become impotent, incapable of solving clearly identified issues and

Kapok | Do as I say not as I do

In his first second-term policy address in March 2015, Mr Chui Sai On gave the assurance that consultative bodies would from now on be better regulated. The pledge was twofold:

Kapok | Legality vs. responsibility

Since the public unravelling of the Panama papers on Sunday, my nights have been significantly shortened. My, my! This is truly a gripping story! First, because of its sheer size, as

Kapok | Five is five, not three

The yearly plenary sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) — the “two meetings” 兩會 as colloquially referred to in Chinese —

Kapok | The malediction of the second term

To paraphrase Scott Chiang, the president of the New Macau Association (NMA), talking to the press after the rather suspicious circumstances of the “suicide by asphyxiation” of the head of

Kapok | Bottoming at last?

“Bottoming” is the new buzzword that has been on everyone’s lips for a few months now. It intends to convey the positive outlook that our whole economy could soon be

Kapok | Now, a #fishballrevolution?

What just happened in Hong Kong should not leave us indifferent, and deserves better than short rehashes of the most police-friendly article of the South China Morning Post or anxiety-conjuring

Kapok | Make the results (truly) public

Reports released by any audit commission anywhere are often written in a dreary, matter-­of-fact style, and deal with topics that, although of general interest and direct taxpayer concern, seldom capture

Kapok | Fair and… competitive?

On December 30, the official reports on the latest elections of both the Legislative Assembly (AL) and the Chief Executive (CE) were made public. At long last - as this

Kapok | The holistic imperative

Occasionally taking a few steps backwards in order to get a better and wider perspective on one’s own status and development sounds like an imperative, and better even when it

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