Kapok | Macao in a Kiang Wu cup

Anybody and everybody knows the Kiang Wu Hospital in Macao. Not for its ugly architecture that scars the whole area behind the façade of Saint Paul, but rather

Kapok | It’s the politics, stupid!

The news on Wednesday that a parking bay had been snatched in Hong Kong for the modest amount of HK$7.6 million had me gaping at the newspaper for a few

Kapok | Too late and too little

When on September 4 Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam finally decided to officially “withdraw” the Extradition Bill, the overall reaction in the pro-democracy camp was to say that the

Kapok | Who does what?

The publication of the yearly report of the Legislative Assembly always provides an interesting snapshot of politics in Macao and a better understanding, albeit limited in depth, of who does

Kapok | What benefit of the doubt?

One should always be entitled to the benefit of the doubt, and this applies to everyone, weak or powerful, rich or poor, anonymous or famous. Such was my

Kapok | The ugly foreigner

It’s a classic survival tactic: if anything goes wrong, blame it on the other(s) and not on yourself! The burden of responsibility all of a sudden becomes lighter

Kapok | For the people?

The contrast could not be more striking: while in Hong Kong two million residents were taking to the streets to express their dissatisfaction at Chief Executive Carry Lam,

Kapok | The politics of memory

Remembering and commemorating June 4, 1989 is not an easy task. First and foremost as the government that sits in Beijing forbids and effectively prevents any attempt

Kapok | Aiming higher

Reference documents and generic resolutions adopted by the United Nations are usually dismissed by critics as either too broad, too generous or too normative, and sometimes the three

Kapok | Killing them not so softly

True: United Nations agencies or “bodies” can be confusing, especially when their names are long — the more specialized they are the longer the name — and the

Kapok | The spire hiding the temple

While presiding over a regular meeting of the Cultural Heritage Council last week, Alexis Tam, the secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, grabbed the opportunity of the genuine

Kapok | 22 of the dirty 400

For a reason that escapes any logic primarily concerned with fairness, only 22 members of the Legislative Assembly will participate in the Election Committee responsible for the designation of

Kapok | Liveable tourism

When designing or even reviewing policy-making, the whole process is bound to start with a discussion of sort. Whether it is a subdued exchange of views or a

Kapok | Images speak louder than words

Upon return from Beijing, Macao’s political heavyweights staged a highly official debriefing conference highlighting key points from their study trip and their studious participation in what is commonly

Kapok | What has been will be again

Not everything is about arithmetic, far from it, as Macao’s Chief Executive election clearly shows. If numbers were all that matters, elections in Macao would seem

Kapok | There can be only one

Elections are in the air — it has become palpable. Just a few days ago, Judge Song Man Lei was for the second time appointed as the

Kapok | Opaque and unaccountable

How many times have you heard the assertion “information is power”? Then, if politics is not only understood literally or even figuratively, and yet, on the conservative side

Kapok | The art of irrelevance

Let’s be honest, mumbling half-hearted speeches full of empty promises year after year borders on art. More so when you happen to be an accidental

Kapok | Not so fantastic anymore

One of my fellow columnists with the Times has made the fight against the abusive usage of plastic an all-out effort, very often taking a very personal tone.

Kapok | Ethics?

Max Weber’s famous 1918 lecture entitled “Politics as a vocation” is usually remembered for the very performative definition it gives of the modern state as being “a human

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