Japan’s #FreeAgnes campaign shows support for detained Hong Kong activist

While the world focuses on the detention of Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai, it’s the plight of 23-year-old activist Agnes Chow that has made the battle over human rights

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested, newsroom searched

Hong Kong police arrested media tycoon Jimmy Lai and raided the publisher's headquarters today (Monday) in the highest-profile use yet of a new national security law Beijing imposed on the

Hong Kong police granted sweeping powers under security law

HONG KONG  — In implementing the national security law for Hong Kong, police will have sweeping authority that allows them to take actions including conducting searches without a warrant, restricting

HIS warns biosecurity cannot be left out of national security education

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng (HIS) said today (Wednesday) that the novel coronavirus had shown that biosecurity matters can leave a lasting impact on the livelihoods of the population and

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