Our Desk | A blind eye to ‘modern slavery’

Over a week ago, Amnesty International described the exploitation of domestic workers in Macau and Hong Kong as modern slavery – a shameful description of something that is

Our Desk | Online Media: Legalize or shut them down

The boom of the Internet, and mostly the striving Era of the Social Networks has brought up the phenomenon of the so-called “online media.” Although the definition

Our Desk | Mega project may be too small 

The Secretary of Transport and Public Works has voiced the opinion that the mega projects already built in Macau, in addition to the ones which will eventually be

Our Desk | New regulation shouldn’t be a burden after all

The new regulation for overseas Filipino workers to acquire an overseas employment certificate have caused anger, frustration and criticism amongst the community for the past two weeks.

Our Desk | Fake tourism is the solution

Just last Sunday I came across a situation that finally sparked my dormant neurons into finding a solution for the increase in tourists, crowding the streets of Macau. The

Our Desk | The State of Education and vice-versa

As an educator by training, and as a father, I have always nurtured both a significant interest in, and a concern for, education. When I first arrived

Our Desk | Mandarin or not?

I am pretty sure that not every single French citizen wants tourists to go to France and speak French to them. At least some people have a good

Our Desk | Forecasts for a ‘Pig’ Year

To start with, I must say that my knowledge on topics such as astrology, horoscopes, the zodiac and similar things is absolutely null. In fact, my absolute disbelief in

Our Desk | Brace yourselves for the oink

The local tourism bureau has recently announced its tourist arrivals estimate for the Spring Festival starting today, forecasting an 8 to 9 percent increase when compared to the

Our Desk | How to not fail with a Taobao order

  For internet users who, in addition to living in Macau, do not understand Chinese, Taobao might be difficult to use as a shopping tool. However, even the many

Our Desk | My BIR (Macau ID) is better than yours

Forms of discrimination are a constant topic all over the world for the most varied of reasons. Whether based on skin color, political views, gender, religion, nationality or

Our Desk | On increasing festivals and events

The recent Macao Light Festival was said to be in demand, thus the Macao Government Tourism Office extended the event in order for tourists and residents to further

Our Desk | The silver lining is what is missing

- For Cantonese, please press 1; for Portuguese, please press 2; for English, please press 3; for Mandarin, please press 4. - Du… du… du… du… du…,

Our Desk | Best can still be bad

Recently, a male principle official from the local government said that Macau is the top city based on the social welfare resources the government provides to children with

Our Desk | Macau: Under terror attack

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the right time to panic. Macau is currently under a silent “terrorist attack” that is making (innocent) victims all over town. No,

Our Desk | A new name

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – thankfully abbreviated to HKZMB or just HZMB – will finally be inaugurated today after many delays, cost overruns and construction-related controversies, heralding an

Our Desk | Big Fake Empty

“Big fake empty” is a term I first heard from one of my former teachers, who used the phrase to describe a student’s graduation thesis. The

Our Desk | Social media and #MeToo

The use of social media has played a significant role in the expansion of the #MeToo movement. Officially founded last year, the movement aims to freely give

Our Desk | Education needs to be educated

Various cases and claims of sexual abuse have been in the news over the last couple of months. From the case involving a kindergarten and some of

Our Desk | Cautious optimism after Mangkhut

The response of the Macau government to what was undoubtedly the strongest Pacific typhoon of the year deserves to be commended, especially in its effective and timely communication

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