Our Desk | Macau’s stranger things

In the past few days, strange and mysterious things have been happening in Macau which have not been mentioned. Over the last week, the Health Bureau (SSM) has issued five notifications

Our Desk | If feeding stray dogs means owning them, does regularly supporting New Yaohan mean owning it?

Last Wednesday, local pro-government paper Macao Daily News published a report depicting that local animal welfare groups were not happy with a claim by the Municipal Affairs Bureau on stray

Our Desk | On the continuous dismay of the vulnerable groups

Groups of migrant workers’ associations have expressed dismay over the newly approved employment agency bill, as the Times reported yesterday. These groups are the associations – representing a significant number of

Our Desk | European Union, a doomed cause

It is not the intention of this piece to either hurt someone’s feelings or provoke anyone. As an outsider to the European Union, I would like to share my experience

Our Desk | The Dead Artists Society – Part 2

For those unfamiliar with the first part of my opinion piece, I talked about an emerging artist-led movement which has the motto: “Support living artists, the dead ones don’t need

Our Desk | Chill. Congestions mean wealth

Over the past several weekends, the main residential areas of the Peninsula, spanning from the Reservoir and the Guia Hill – along the several major roads – to Fai Chi

Our Desk | No more expensive second-hand furniture, go to Ikea.cn

Are you shocked by how much money furniture owners ask for their unwanted items? Are you tired of the uniform furniture that real estate agencies put in your rental apartment?

Our Desk | Manners maketh man (person)

Preamble: Using the word “man” at the (near) end of the title in no way signifies my approval of referring to all of humankind with one single gender. Apart from Colin

Our Desk | The opportunities in #quaranfood

The outbreak of the global pandemic felt in Macau during the last weeks of January has brought forth several changes which many now consider the new normal. Covid-19 has driven life

Our Desk | The human pets

At times when slavery is once again put to discussion and several movements, some more or less anarchic, others more or less organized, try to highlight it in the easiest

Our Desk | Is food a personal preference?

This question crossed my mind when I came across this social media post debating about food the other day. Memory is vague now but I still have that image in my

Our Desk | Way back home it is

At least three repatriation flights will occur between now and the end of the month, with companies sponsoring charter flights for dismissed workers. Recently, the terms “dismissed” or “lay off” aren’t

Our Desk | Fun Mandarin 3: Jiàn Pán Xiá (Keyboard Man)

As with all my previous opinion pieces, what follows is solely to provide entertainment. Today marks the third installment of the Fun Mandarin series. The highlight of today’s column will be

Our Desk | The wheat and the tares

In Matthew 13 of the Holy Bible, it is said that Jesus taught the now-famous parable of the wheat and the tares. For those who are not so familiar with country

Our Desk | ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’

This quote by Sir Winston Churchill flashed into my mind when I was about to write this piece. If it’s necessary to explain why I have picked it, read on. This

Our Desk | Getting international with our people

In the aftermath of Covid-19 (if I can say so) there are a lot of lessons we can take from common people and various conversations. Contrary to popular belief, I advocate

Our Desk | Masks are scarier…

I am not here to disagree with, disapprove of or disrespect those who wear facemasks. Wearing a facemask is within everybody’s rights: their right to make a choice, their right

Our Desk | ‘Scamsidy’

Subsidies, who would reject them? I am guessing no one, and in times of extra difficulties, a government subsidy seems always to be the perfect solution to patch a rising

Our Desk | Fun Mandarin 2: Ròu, Tāng, Bāo

Today marks the second day of fun mandarin series. Fun mandarin series serves only for entertainment purposes. 肉Ròu: red and soft tissues in human or animal bodies, flesh, meat, muscle; captive

Our Desk | Not enough to be alive, you must look alive

In ancient Rome, an episode occurred around the year 62 BC involving Julius Caesar’s wife Pompeia Sula. It led to the creation of the famous quote, “Caesar’s wife must not

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