Our Desk | This is not a democracy – Part 1

This is not a democracy! This was a sentence I have gotten used to hearing since my early days in Macau. I confess that at the time, the sentence sounded

Our Desk | Macau’s (new) low standards

In a region that survives almost exclusively on tourism and the service sector, we should expect that its service standards would be of a so-called “world-class level.” In reality, the attempt

Our Desk | Anxiety among Gen Z

The distressing suicides of several young people this year have come to the attention of the education and social welfare bureaus, implying the urgent need to not just raise awareness

Our Desk | Predictions for the Ox-picious new year

This new year will be running under the auspiciousness of the Metal Ox. This means that it will be certainly a lucky one (as they all are). In terms of relationships,

Our Desk | What’s going on with these people?

On the same day I wrote this article, something happened during my bus trip, which expanded my horizons. I was on my way to the office when the incident happened. When

Our Desk | The fallout from ill-planned infrastructure

Several weeks ago, I took my first ride on the Macau Light Rail Transit (LRT), heading from The Londoner Macao to Old Taipa Village for lunch. I opted for the LRT

Our Desk | An inconvenient dependency

If there is something that the Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for, it is definitely the highlighting of certain dependencies, links, and interactions that most people may have completely forgotten or,

Our Desk | Social turmoil it is

“Macau seems to be changing a lot.” This is what I would normally hear following all the economic consequences brought forth by the pandemic. Employment matters remain one of the major consequences

Our Desk | Hengqin the new ‘El Dorado’?

History says that when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas around 1492, the moment marked one of the first chapters of the world’s clash of cultures. Reports for those times depict

Our Desk | The veil of statistics

It appears that things in Macau have gone down the right path — locals are splurging through their e-vouchers and vacationing in mainland cities. Most importantly, there is no specter

Our Desk | McD reads MDT!

In my previous Our Desk article, the lack of marketing by a particular chain restaurant for other types of meat products – other than the prime quality type of beef

Our Desk | How much of a ‘sham’ is a ‘sham marriage’?

In October 2019, the Court of First Instance issued a three-year suspended imprisonment sentence to a “couple” because the court had found them guilty of forging documents in order to

Our Desk | Macau’s only problem

Reading the daily news and strolling around the city, one might easily be led to think that Macau, despite being a beautiful and safe place to be right now, is

Our Desk | Policy versus Execution

Mid-November is historically the time for the year’s review and assessment and, in regard to Macau, for the government to announce the new policies to be enforced in the upcoming

Our Desk | Beef or no beef, that is the question

I was walking by a fast food chain the other day when my attention was caught by a drop-down banner hanging on the window, facing the street. The restaurant was

Our Desk | Social distancing amid mega events

Following the series of measures the Health Bureau has had in place since early this year to deter the spread of Covid-19, Macau residents have been heeding the call, attributing

Our Desk | Wear your mask, mind your own business

I support you and respect you when you wear a mask because you personally thought it through and decided that it was prudent to do so for various reasons, including

Our Desk | The Grand Prix of Ignorance

In less than a month, Macau will host the largest annual event in the city and one of the largest events in all of Asia – the Macau Grand Prix. Although

Our Desk | A not-so-golden week

The streets of Leal Senado leading up to the Ruins of St Paul have not been crowded for the past – at least – seven months, due to the city’s

Our Desk | The food discrimination chain

Do you eat blood? I mean any kind of edible blood, like the French and the Chinese do. Do you eat goose liver like the French, or pig liver like

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