Our Desk | Still room for improvement

At the time of writing, the government has just resumed most public services. The government had announced the suspension of non-essential services due to the outbreak of Covid-19, also referred to

Our Desk | On the irresponsible use of social media

The epidemic outbreak has caused a lot of unnecessary racism - at least on social media - as it has created jokes and memes about how people are scared of

Our Desk | Museums

If I were a Macau resident, thinking about the good for my hometown, Macau, I would have so much to worry about this city’s “sustainability” because of the protection it

Our Desk | Primacy of the wet market

I have not had the chance to congratulate my friends and acquaintances in the culinary industry, who have made the food industry of Macau what it currently is today.

Our Desk | Our Desk Dì Yù Heī

I do not dare to be so ignorant as to rigidly translate a term that has recently emerged from the Chinese language and has been trending into English. Nor have

Our Desk | Is it Christmas yet?

The Philippine Consulate General held its Christmas party for the Filipino community on Sunday – a community that has been the butt of jokes about it celebrating the festive season

Our Desk | Historical confusions

I am sure that by now everyone in Macau has heard enough about how 2019 is ‘the’ year of multiple celebrations. Well, hearing this over and over,

Our Desk | Let’s work on the graphics

Recently, I attended a press conference where the Identification Services Bureau announced the new design of the Macau Special Administrative Region passport. The design did not undergo a huge change,

Our Desk | Who needs air anyway?

Considered less important than the melting of the icecaps, Greta’s “stolen childhood” or the tiny plastic particles in your fish is the air. Yes, the air. That invisible thing used

Our Desk | The fireworks fever

The ongoing international fireworks competition has been attracting crowds to experience activities around the vicinity of Nam Van Lake area, Macao Tower and the old bridge. This year, the tourism bureau

Our Desk | Is (Air) Macau ready?

Last Friday, Air Macau celebrated its silver anniversary. The airline currently has a fleet of 21 Airbus aircraft and carried 3.16 million passengers last year. Over the last quarter-century, the airline

Our Desk | Sandal revolution

Does Macau’s weather bother you? Have you ever heard about “Hong Kong foot?” Hong Kong foot, athlete’s foot, tinea pedis, or ringworm; choose the name you are most familiar with. “Athlete’s foot

Our Desk | It is the Ministers, not the Ruler

World history has taught us that on many occasions, I would even risk saying on most occasions, governments rise or fall not because of the ruler and primary

Our Desk | Influencers, anyone?

Recently, I’ve been watching a number of YouTube videos, the creators of whom have made it their career to create media content. The content ranges from haul videos

Our Desk | Sit back, relax, and enjoy more choice flying

A new airline, Starlux Airlines, had been approved to fly between Taipei and Macau, as reported yesterday by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News. Since it is a new

Our Desk | Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

As everyone knows by now, the protests in Hong Kong have reached the ninth consecutive week. From a weekend event, it has now passed to an almost-every-day event with several

Our Desk | What amputation claims?

The story of the migrant worker whose left leg was amputated is an example of how a number of non-resident workers – particularly non-skilled ones – remain helpless

Our Desk | The sudden ‘new vitality’ of Ho

The former president of the Legislative Assembly (AL) Ho Iat Seng is widely considered the most likely next Chief Executive (CE). The first to publicly acknowledge that

Our Desk | On rape talk stigma in the city

The two cases of rape of minors reported by the Judiciary Police yesterday can be described as nothing short of appalling, especially as one of the little girls

Our Desk | Setting examples, not just uttering words

August is around the corner. Is Macau well prepared to embrace all the smells and colors of trash? Macau’s recycling spirit should start being developed

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