The Buzz | Ethiopia hopes to set world record for HIV tests

Ethiopia is attempting to set a world record for the number of HIV tests carried out in one day. The country’s health officials said this week they hope to break the

World briefs

PAKISTAN Gunmen attack a polio vaccination team, killing four health workers, while a suspected U.S. drone strike kills four alleged militants in Pakistan, officials say. The attack on the health

Thanksgiving | In Britain, US turkey dinner is big business

Big-breasted turkeys in butcher shop windows. Harvest displays of pumpkin and corn. Sandwich boards describing groaning feasts. Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday in Britain, but you might be forgiven for being fooled.

Gaming | VIP and junkets in ‘near broken’ state – Standard Chartered

According to the UK-based bank, junkets are facing heavy tightness in funding and liquidity that has prevented them from obtaining any sort of capital. Without capital, these same junkets are

Interview with Nikhil Seth: ‘Much more needs to be done in the area of sustainable transport’

Transforming into a clean energy city doesn’t just mean having a symbolic presence of electric buses on the roads. The director of the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, Mr

Clean energy forum ends today

The 3rd International Forum for Clean Energy (IFCE) began yesterday in Macau with the launch of the 2014 Blue Book of Clean Energy. The two-day event includes a series of debates

Woman found dead in park

An Indonesian woman was found unconscious in a park in Ponte e Horta at 7.45 p.m. on Tuesday night and was later confirmed dead. Information from the Judiciary Police (PJ) suggested

New government tomorrow

The composition of the new government is scheduled for announcement tomorrow, a source has told the Times. Last Thursday, Dr Alexis Tam told MDT that the announcement would take place this

Nobel laureate warns Macau must diversify to avoid financial risks

In a public lecture on Tuesday, the 2003 Nobel laureate in Economics, professor Robert Engle, said that Macau should diversify the investment portfolio of its reserve in order to counter

Daily garbage collection exceeds 900 tons

The Macau Waste System Company (CSR) revealed that collected an average of around 940 tons of garbage every day between August and October this year, about 56 tons more per