World Briefs

VIETNAM’s prime minister orders a swift investigation into a scaffolding collapse that killed 13 workers and injured dozens, while a unit of South Korea’s Samsung Group involved in the construction

The Buzz: Kenya’s president apologizes for government’s past wrongs

Kenya’s president has apologized to the Kenyan people for past wrongs committed both by his government and past regimes. President Uhuru Kenyatta told parliament during his state of the nation address

Illegal logging, fear haunt remote Peru village

Illegal logging persists unabated in this remote Amazon community where four indigenous leaders who resisted it were slain in September, and the fear remains palpable. Even a police post the government

MIECF 2015 | Gov’t advised to change development patterns and energy use

Environmental experts and practitioners have called for local governments to make new plans and take action  in terms of transforming urban development patterns and energy use into a greener and

Melco booth showcases recycled electronic devices

Participating in MIECF for the fourth time, the company set up its booth with used and obsolete electronic devices including electronic chips, computer hard disks and CDs on the façade,

EU trade commissioners ‘ready to work with Macau’

With industrial diversification becoming an inevitable direction for Macau’s economic breakthrough, the European Union’s trade commissioners have seen great potential in local markets implied by the city’s transformation. Over ten of

DSEJ responds to alleged embezzlement case

The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) has issued a statement following the alleged embezzlement of educational grants committed by a high-ranking official from a school in the São Lourenço

Policy Address | Sonia Chan: Restructuring of public services ‘is a complex task’

The restructuring and reshuffling of public services is yet again a priority for the Secretary for Administration and Justice’s Office. Sonia Chan presented her cabinet’s action plan for 2015 yesterday,

Gov’t plans mechanism to perfect legal systema

Sonia Chan revealed that her cabinet plans to implement a mechanism to better coordinate the legislative process. Unveiling further details of her action plan at the Legislative Assembly (AL), Ms

Tourism capacity | Gov’t commissioned study welcomes more visitors

Many complain that the city has reached the limits of its capacity to receive tourists, but a research study commissioned by the government indicates that, although the region faces “capacity