the buzz: Filipino bishops to counter Islamic State group

Leaders of the Philippine Roman Catholic Church, Asia's largest, vowed yesterday to counter extremist religions such as that espoused by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. Archbishop Socrates Villegas,

Indonesia, Australia sign new security agreement

Often-testy neighbors Indonesia and Australia signed a new security agreement yesterday to mend a relationship badly damaged by allegations last year that Australia was listening to the telephone conversations of

world briefs

  JAPAN China’s government yesterday called on Japan to “break clean with militarism” after Tokyo confirmed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a note earlier this year to a ceremony honoring

Small group of IACM employees to be transferred to ID

A small group of employees working under the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) will be transferred to the Sports Development Board, as part of IACM’s restructuring process. The decision

Donations to Red Cross for Yunnan earthquake approaching MOP20m

As of yesterday, the Macau Red Cross had received donations that totaled MOP19,588,647.3 for the earthquake. The Times previously reported that the Macau Red Cross has dispatched officials to the earthquake-affected

Taxi association opposes entrapment and surveillance devices

The Macau Association of Taxis has argued against the introduction of an entrapment operation and the installation of surveillance devices in vehicles, citing concerns about stigmatizing the industry. Nevertheless, the

New Macau marches against ‘small circle’ election on Sunday

The New Macau Association (ANM) has announced that it will organize a demonstration on August 31 at the Ruins of St. Paul, coinciding with the Chief Executive election. The assembly will

PJ attempts to get hold of referendum database

The Judiciary Police (PJ) tried to get hold of the unofficial referendum database, asking political activist Jason Chao to hand it over to authorities. Activist Scott Chiang, who was also

briefs: CTM network attacked

A temporary failure occurred across CTM’s mobile data network yesterday afternoon, with the service delayed for about one hour. The breakdown happened at around 12:30p.m., with 3G service experiencing slow

Low financial input into science popularization

The figures showed that they have spent more than MOP52 million on science popularization, with 866,429 people participating in their activities. With a population of 607,500 in the fourth quarter