Offbeat | Cat nap burglar: Police find tired thief asleep amid Doritos

British police say an alleged thief was found covered in Doritos beside a half-eaten pie after he broke into a house and then fell asleep. Monklands Police

This Day in History | 1963 – Kennedy ‘assassin’ murdered

The man accused of assassinating the US President, John F Kennedy, has himself been shot dead in a Dallas police station. Lee Harvey Oswald, a 24-year-old

Football | Champions League: History repeats for Mourinho, Man United with loss at Basel

Jose Mourinho brought his team to Basel in the Champions League for the first time in four years. And lost again. Manchester United came to Basel

Rugby | England players not sharing match fees with Samoa players

England’s players have decided not to donate some of their match fee to Samoa’s players on ethical grounds. Veteran prop Dan Cole said it shouldn’t even

World briefs

MYANMAR An agreement was signed yesterday between Myanmar and Bangladesh covering the return of Rohingya Muslims who fled across their mutual border to escape violence. SOUTH CHINA

The Buzz | Pope Francis to visit three Baltic nations next year

Pope Francis is planning a visit to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia next year, when the three Baltic nations celebrate their 100th anniversaries. Daiva Ulbinaite, a spokeswoman for

Balloons, Broadway stars and security at Macy’s parade

New faces and old favorites will fly, float and march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as police go all-out to secure it in a year marked

Kapok | At a snail’s pace

Looking back at the titles of my column over the past five years, I have now exhausted almost every possible expression to convey the idea of “slow” and

Friday, November 24, 2017 – edition no. 2934

* Non-gaming income gains weight in casino industry * Travel agencies congress starts * Rewards system pays off * Country wonders ‘where is Mugabe?’   DOWNLOAD

Thanks to the tribe

  * Movies: Mudbound * Books: Typhoon Fury by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison * Music: Reputation by Taylor Swift * Wine: The Alchemist’s

‘Mudbound’ a moving, literary epic of family, race

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that after seeing an epic story as poetically told as Dee Rees’ “Mudbound,” feelings of awe and admiration are quickly

Crew of the Oregon fights most ruthless villain yet

Juan Cabrillo and his elite crew of the ship the Oregon fight their most ruthless villain yet in “Typhoon Fury” by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison, the

Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation’ is pure pop magic

If you’d stop thinking about her reputation, you’d actually appreciate the musicality of Taylor Swift’s “reputation.” Sure, she named the album that so there will be

News of the World | Thanksgiving tribe reclaims language lost to colonization

The Massachusetts tribe whose ancestors shared a Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims nearly 400 years ago is reclaiming its long-lost language, one schoolchild at a time.

The Saxon Renaissance

On 3 October 1990, the Free State of Saxony (Freistaat Sachsen) formally became part of the reunified Germany. East Germany, for the most part of its history (1949-1990),

KitchenWise | Apricot Almond Coffee Cake is a special treat for holidays

If you’re expecting overnight guests during the holiday season, you might want to stock up on the ingredients for this recipe. Doing so will allow you

China widens personality cult around ‘unrivaled helmsman’ Xi

The village where he labored as a teen has become a shrine, a tree he planted an icon. State media applaud him endlessly, private businessmen praise his

Study shows Macau is one of the most luminous cities in the world

A study being conducted by a Masters student shows that Macau is the most luminous city in the world, a matter that remains underrated by society. Vivian Tam,

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