PJ holds ‘serious crime’ drill with 50 officers

The Judiciary Police (PJ) conducted a drill yesterday morning to reinforce sub-units’ capacity to respond in a multidisciplinary exercise, said Cheang Pou Seong, head of

IFJ concerned about civil protection bill

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has expressed concerns about the proposed provision on “fake news” in the Civil Protection Bill in an article posted on

Joseph Lau withdraws legal action against HK fugitive bill

Businessman and real estate tycoon Joseph Lau, who was sentenced by Macau courts to five years imprisonment for corruption in a case related to former Secretary

Tourism | Secretary Tam acknowledges visitor capacity challenge

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, who ultimately oversees matters relating to tourism, has acknowledged that the continuous surge in visitor arrivals is posing

Technology | AI still lacks the ability to imitate human translators

Despite improved translation machines which enable people to translate text from one language to another, a scholar from Hong Kong has affirmed that human translators will not

Tourists not satisfied with taxi service quality

A study conducted by a researcher at a Macau university has found that a large proportion of tourists were not satisfied with their taxi rides in the MSAR,

Hong Kong dynasties | Property tycoons hand over $109 billion in empires to heirs

The last of Hong Kong’s ‘Big Four’ property dynasties is handing over the reins to a younger generation, completing a flood of successions at family empires worth

US warns Hong Kong to avoid tanker in breach of Iran sanctions

The U.S. warned Hong Kong that it could face penalties if it does business with an oil tanker headed for the city that allegedly violated sanctions

Greater Bay tourism far from sustainable, says professor

Tourists coming to the Greater Bay Area have not been evenly distributed across its 11 cities, said Xu Honggang, Dean of the School of Tourism Management

MELCO executives join study trip to Shanghai | Discovering the Splendors of China

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and to promote a deeper understanding of mainland China, Melco Resorts and Entertainment’s management team attended a National Education Executive Study

Hong Kong | 180 teams to partake in dragon boat carnival

The 10th Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival will be held from June 14 to 16, inviting around 180 teams to compete at the Victoria Harbour, the Hong

50th annual World Series of Poker opens in Las Vegas

The annual World Series of Poker opened Tuesday in Las Vegas with dozens of scheduled card tournaments and a special event to celebrate the 50th run of

Corporate Bits | Sands China, Fuhong Society enjoy day of delicacies

A group of around 30 Sands Cares Ambassadors spent time with about 65 members of the Fuhong Society of Macau on May 17, performing a service activity together

US does not brand China as currency manipulator

The Trump administration has again decided not to label China or any other country as a currency manipulator. But in a report to Congress yesterday

Veteran dissident urges linking of human rights, trade

Veteran Chinese dissident Wang Dan urged Western nations to restore the link between human rights and trade with China in a speech yesterday just days ahead of

Huawei asks court to deem US security law unconstitutional

Fighting to maintain its access to major markets for next-generation communications, Chinese tech giant Huawei is challenging the constitutionality of a U.S. law that limits

Australian navy pilots struck by lasers in South China Sea

Australian navy helicopter pilots were hit by lasers while exercising in the South China Sea, forcing them to land as a precaution, a witness said, describing the

Elections Challenge to Indonesia vote makes big claims, weak on proof

The court challenge to Indonesia’s presidential election from the losing candidate claims that the police, intelligence agency and other state institutions were biased in favor

Australia | Man jailed to 10 years over British backpacker rape

An Australian man who kidnapped and repeatedly raped a British backpacker during a monthlong ordeal in the country’s Outback has been jailed for 10 years.

Myanmar | Court issues arrest warrant for nationalist Buddhist monk

A court in Myanmar has issued an arrest warrant for a Buddhist monk known for incendiary comments about the country’s Muslim minority and for criticism of the

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