Michelle Yeoh wins best actress award, making history

Michelle Yeoh has won the Academy Award for best actress and made history all at once. The Malaysian-born actor became the first Asian woman to

Experts: Collectivism plays part in residents’ mask wearing despite eased mandate

A sense of culture may play a large part in the reason why, despite most countries having ended mask wearing, residents in the city continue to use

Residential, commercial mortgage loans drop in January

New approvals of residential mortgage loans (RMLs) and commercial real estate loans (CRELs) fell significantly month-to-month in January compared to December 2022, the Monetary Authority

Filipino migrant workers find shelter in gambling, alcohol addictions to deal with trauma

A significant number of Macau’s Filipino migrant workers suffer addictions, including gambling and alcohol, while dealing with traumas resulting from a combination of factors such as job

Xi says people’s trust is biggest motivation for him to forge ahead

Chinese President Xi Jinping said yesterday that the people’s trust is the biggest motivation that drives him to march on and a great responsibility he shoulders.

Land freight plan for HK bridge ‘proposed’, but no feedback so far

Director Tai Kin Ip of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) recently revealed in his response to lawmaker Ron Lam’s written inquiry that methods

PJ arrests HK suspect in alleged homicide case

Local police are inspecting a crime scene after a report about a local 46-year-old woman found dead in a central district hotel room at noon on March

Chinese premier expresses confidence in HK, Macau’s bright future

Chinese Premier Li Qiang said yesterday that Hong Kong and Macau will enjoy an “even brighter future” with the full support from the central government. “I’m confident that Hong

Macau NPC Representative proposes alliances for GBA

To expedite regional cooperation between cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), certain alliances can be considered, Macau’s representative at the National People’s Congress (NPC), Lao

Macau NPC Representatives eye ‘smoother path ahead’ in China

There will be a bright future for Macau, Hengqin, the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the country under Chinese-style modernization, three Macau Representatives at the National

Reaching 2023 GDP growth target requires redoubled efforts: premier Li Qiang

To achieve the 2023 gross domestic product (GDP) growth target of around 5% on the current high base of China’s economic output is no easy task

‘Everything’ wins best picture, is everywhere at Oscars

It was chaotic, messy, wild, creative, big-hearted and utterly unique. If it were a bagel, it would most certainly have been the “everything” kind. But “Everything

Iran-Saudi Arabia deal casts China in unfamiliar global role

An agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to re-establish diplomatic relations has cast China in a leading role in Middle Eastern politics — a part previously reserved

1964 Jack Ruby sentenced to death

Jack Ruby has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John F Kennedy.

Bank stocks drop in Europe as US bank failure stirs jitters

Bank stocks sagged in Europe and U.S. stock futures fell yesterday ahead of the market’s open in New York, shaken by worries the biggest U.S.

Governing body keen to trial ‘belly tackles’ at non-elite level

Rugby’s world governing body is encouraging its member unions to trial “belly tackles” in the community game in a bid to make the sport safer.

Micronesia’s president accuses China of ‘political warfare’

Micronesia’s president accused China of “political warfare” in a letter to other national leaders and discussed switching diplomatic allegiance from China to Taiwan in exchange for $50

High-quality development serves national rejuvenation

The Chinese people have confidence in the country’s future and are more inspired and resolved than ever to forge ahead under the leadership of the Communist Party of

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— Collectivism plays part in residents’ mask wearing despite recommendation dropped, experts say * Everything Oscars Michelle Yeoh all at once * New approvals of residential mortgage, commercial property loans fell deeply

Pfizer buys Seagen for $43B, boosts access to cancer drugs

Pfizer is spending about $43 billion to reach deeper into new cancer treatments that target tumor cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. The pharmaceutical giant said

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