China looks to consumers to drive economic rebound

Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s agenda for the annual meeting of the legislature: Revive the economy by encouraging consumers to spend more now that severe anti-virus controls

Hong Kong e-Channel limited to some Macau residents

The Hong Kong immigration automated passages (e-Channel) are not equally accessible to all residents of Macau. This is due to a rule established by the

HK CE shown to Macau’s non-gambling facilities

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu visited Macau yesterday and was introduced to non-gambling facilities before meeting his Macau counterpart. Before meeting with Chief

Fingerprint-free border crossing underway

Facial recognition technology will be introduced to border-crossing services step-by-step, according to the Office of the Secretary for Security. The iris recognition system will

Gov’t working on digital identity

Digital identity (ID) cards of users of government’s One Account app are being constructed to facilitate a faster app experience, Deputy Director Ng Wai Han

Covid-19 conspiracies soar after latest report on origins

COVID-19's origins remain hazy. Three years after the start of the pandemic, it’s still unclear whether the coronavirus that causes the disease leaked from a lab

IFTM holds Career Day with 65 organizations

A total of 65 organizations attended the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies’ (IFTM) 2023 Career Day Taipa Campus, offering around 1,200 job vacancies. During the event, exhibiting representatives

Pui Ching’s Coloane international school operation confirmed

The operator rights of Pui Ching Middle School in an international school in Coloane was confirmed by the head of the education bureau yesterday. On the

HK man detained for counterfeit Rolex fraud

A The man is being accused of pawning counterfeit luxury watches mimicking the well-known Swiss watch designer and manufacturer Rolex. The fraud was first

159 provincial administrative powers to be handed over to the Cooperation Zone

Starting April 1, 159 provincial administrative powers will be adjusted and implemented by the Executive Committee of the Cooperation Zone and its working bodies. The

TikTok sets new default time limits for minors

TikTok said that every account held by a user under the age of 18 will have a default 60-minute daily screen time limit in the coming

US approves selling the island munitions worth $619 million

The U.S. has approved more arms sales to Taiwan, including $619 million worth of munitions for F-16 fighter jets, in a decision likely to be yet

Let’s Sip at MGM

Looking for a place to chill and sip? MGM’s award-winning wine list collection holds over 25,000 bottles of vintages and appellations from around the world, ranging

1966 BBC tunes in to colour

The BBC has announced plans to begin broadcasting television programmes in colour from next year. Britain will be the first country in Europe to offer regular programming

Michael B. Jordan delivers a brawler in ‘Creed III’

It must be a daunting prospect to pick up a franchise on the third movie. Add in the pressure of following filmmakers like Ryan Coogler and Steven

Over 60 contemporary artworks from two young GBA artists at Sands Gallery

A new exhibition at Sands Gallery is showcasing nearly 60 works of diverse art forms and media including oil painting, sculpture, installations, photography and projection. Titled Illumination

The Cagayan De Oro (Div 2)  1350M Sand

2023-03-04 | Sat | 16:55 Happy Cat has an entry in this Saturday’s sand race meeting, I believe he got a good chance and with

Europe pushing for lunar time zone

”A joint international effort is now being launched towards achieving this. Pietro Giordano European Space Agency With more lunar missions than ever on the

Activist appears targeted at Mexican president’s press brief

A human rights activist in Mexico’s dangerous northern border city of Nuevo Laredo yesterday said that he suspects the Mexican army — and the government in general

Population decline and immigration – in China and other countries

The recent Unlike many Western countries already in swift transition to a demographic winter, China and other major Asian powers (Japan and South Korea) are not using

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