Statistics | Health: Elderly hospital patients up 14 percent last year

The number of patients in hospitals in 2015 increased by 4 percent year-on-year to 54,000, according to information released by the Statistics and Census Bureau (DESC). Of this number, those

AL plenary | Domestic violence becomes public crime

The bill that aims to establish a new milestone to prevent and fight domestic violence by, among other aspects, categorizing it a public crime, was finally approved on Friday in

Chinese Millennials the perfect target for non-gaming activities

As Chinese Millenials are crucial in China, representing some 30 percent of its population, local casino operators should take an active role in providing facilities to address the growing importance

Chamber of Commerce distributes awards for ‘Euroexcellence’

The Macau European Chamber of Commerce (MECC) presented its second awards for Euroexcellence during the Annual Gala Dinner event on Friday at Grand Lisboa Ballroom. In its three different categories (luxury,

Taiwan | New president resists China ‘one-country’ pressure

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said during her inauguration speech on Friday that she will seek peaceful ties with China while resisting pressure from Beijing to acknowledge the idea that they

135 arrested for illegally buying, selling vaccines

China has arrested 135 people in 22 provinces for illegally buying and selling vaccines, in the latest scandal shaking the Chinese public’s confidence in vaccine safety. In an online statement Friday, the

Vietnam votes for rubber-stamp assembly ahead of Obama visit

Ahead of President Barack Obama’s first visit to Vietnam, the country voted yesterday in once-every-five-year-elections for a rubber-stamp parliament whose membership has already been largely determined by the Communist Party. Amid

Analysis | Why junta rules Thailand, with no end in sight

Thailand’s military seized power from an elected government on May 22, 2014, with the justification that it wanted to end chaotic and violent political confrontations that had wracked the country

EgyptAir smoke alarms add puzzling twist to fatal flight

EgyptAir Flight 804’s automatic radio messages about smoke in the front portion of the cabin were generated minutes before controllers lost contact with the aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, French

Uncertainty faces | Van Gaal despite ending Man United drought

Louis van Gaal had little time to savor delivering Manchester United’s first trophy since the Alex Ferguson dynasty ended three years ago. Within an hour of collecting the FA Cup after Saturday’s victory over

Villa owner wants team promoted and to help football in China

The little-known businessman who bought Aston Villa is hoping to improve both the English club and Chinese football in general. Xia Jiantong, who goes by the English name Tony, told The

Ines Lei | Co-founder of Macau Root Planning: Reclamation plan lacks ‘development concept for the long-term’

Ines Lei, a community planner and co-founder of Macau Root Planning, claims the government is not focusing on the city’s “development concept” in the long-term, stressing that the “development spirit”

Gaming | Sports book lounges beneficial to Macau chairman and CEO David Leppo noted that sports lounges would be beneficial to the gaming industry, as it maintains social interest within casinos. Currently there are no sports betting

Doping | Sports Bureau decides not to disqualify 2014 marathon winner

The Sports Bureau (ID) told the Times yesterday that the Organizing Committee of the Macau International Marathon decided not to disqualify Flomena Chepchirchir, the winner of the 2014 race. At

Gaming | Sanum expects Macau Legend and Laotian authorities to pay USD250m for casino

We expect Macau Legend and the Laos government to pay 100 percent of the proceeds into the escrow as agreed,” John Sario, a Sanum Investments representative, told the Times,

Taiwan | Leader faces thornier ties with China, growth woes

When Taiwan inaugurates Tsai Ing-wen as the self-ruled island’s first female president today, she’ll confront major challenges including navigating increasingly fractious relations with Beijing and rejuvenating the flagging economy. Beijing has

Beijing rejects US claim of unsafe aerial intercept

China rejected U.S. claims that its fighter jets maneuvered unsafely when they intercepted an American Navy reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea, and demanded that the U.S. end such

Hong Kong | Zhang Dejiang slams independence calls

A top Chinese official visiting Hong Kong warned against heeding calls for independence for the semiautonomous Chinese region. Zhang Dejiang, who is the Communist Party’s No. 3 official and responsible for

India | Train brings water to a drought-hit central region

Many trains pull into Latur’s railroad station, but none is as eagerly awaited as the train that pulls into the parched town in the dead of the night. That train —

EgyptAir Flight 804 | Plane crashes in Mediterranean with 66 on board; terror attack possible

An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew on board crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off the Greek island of Crete yesterday, Egyptian and Greek officials

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