SURVEY | Facebook had ‘great influence’ on May protests

News agency Lusa reported that the study – conducted by Wenny Cao, Angus Cheong and Zizi Li – looked into 12 Facebook events that took place between April 20 and May

1.5m cross border during Mid-Autumn Festival

On the first day, there were already 437,002 people crossing the borders. Among the 1.5 million people in total, around 500,000 of them were tourists. Two-thirds of the travellers, more than 1.18

Over 20,000 people fined over smoking in prohibited areas since 2012

Between January this year and August, Health Bureau agents have recorded 5,405 law breaches. This year, authorities have conducted 184,235 inspections, with an average of 758 inspections per day. In total,

Delta Bridge works lead to increasing accidents

Macau Daily pointed out that there have already been three accidents in the water where construction vessels collided with each other. It suggested that the accidents - which involved construction vessels,

Chui asks to extend border crossing hours

During the meeting, the newly elected CE mentioned his hope to gradually extend the border-crossing hours between Macau and the mainland, a measure he said would benefit regional cooperation and

BRIEFS | Locally shot movie nominated for Portuguese film awards

The film “The Last Time I Saw Macau,” directed by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata, has been nominated for a prize at the Sophia Awards in

Health Bureau urges Chan Pou U’s family to share HK medical report

The Health Bureau has urged the family of teenager suffering from chronic pain to share a medical report with Macau’s public hospital which was issued by Queen Mary Hospital in

Central hospital admits to unknowingly using tainted oil

The Taiwanese gutter oil fiasco has hit a number of public institutions in Macau. The Health Bureau (SSM) revealed that three government departments, including Conde de São Januário General Hospital

CSR collects less rubbish on Mid-Autumn night

CSR has dispatched 60 workers to collect the trash left behind by people who viewed the moon at more than 10 spots throughout Macau. Out of all the moon viewing locations,

Coutinho advises gov’t to protect local currency

Both had addressed the issue in March, but government responses to their enquiries were not satisfactory, they said in a recent written enquiry. José Pereira Countinho and Leong Veng Chai

Law proposing ban on remote gambling tabled in Singapore’s parliament

Proposed legislation regulating online gambling was introduced in Singapore’s parliament on Monday.   According to the newspaper “Today”, the bill will ban remote gambling unless it takes place through an operator

Macau and Zhuhai to join forces on World Car-Free Day

The Macau Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) said in a statement that it aims to promote “ecological tours” among citizens, while encouraging Macau people to choose environmentally-friendly ways to move around

Aviation seminar discusses budget airline benefits

The seminar took place last Saturday in the Macau Science Centre. It was organized by the Institute of Macau Civil Aviation (IMCA), with about 80 industry representatives and IMCA members

APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting delegates visit local attractions before event kicks off

Delegates to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 8th Tourism Ministerial Meeting (TMM8) are arriving in Macau, with many of them having already taken part in a meeting and a tour

BRIEFS | AFA Art Courses open for application

To promote contemporary art education, the Art For All Society (AFA) is set to launch a range of art courses in October. Twelve art programs for both children and adults

TRAVEL | Macanese woman backpacks through Southeast Asia to break stereotypes

A backpack equipped with a snorkeling mask and a few pieces of light clothing easily sets the scene for a traveling adventure in Southeast Asia. Twenty-eight-year-old Macau-born Susana Cruz embarked

FOOD SAFETY | 21 local food producers found using Taiwan gutter oil

Macau is enduring another food safety scandal. A local food oil importer has recalled around 300 barrels of Taiwanese cooking oils that were suspected to contain gutter oil. The Civic

La Casa del Habano opens eyeing Cuban cigar aficionados

Limited editions, Cuban vintage cigars, and 27 Cuban brands sit on the shelves of what its owner describes as the largest La Casa del Habano in Asia, which opened its

Number of HK laborers in the city triples in two years

Although Hong Kong faces a shortage in construction workers, the number of non-resident laborers (TNR) from the neighboring SAR working in Macau’s construction industry was found to have tripled in

MUSIC | Macao Youth Choir wins gold medal in Singapore contest

Under the leadership of the director of the conservatory’s music school, Liu Chang, the choir won its gold medal on the competition’s fourth day. “In the year that marks the 15th

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