PJ attempts to get hold of referendum database

The Judiciary Police (PJ) tried to get hold of the unofficial referendum database, asking political activist Jason Chao to hand it over to authorities. Activist Scott Chiang, who was also

briefs: CTM network attacked

A temporary failure occurred across CTM’s mobile data network yesterday afternoon, with the service delayed for about one hour. The breakdown happened at around 12:30p.m., with 3G service experiencing slow

Low financial input into science popularization

The figures showed that they have spent more than MOP52 million on science popularization, with 866,429 people participating in their activities. With a population of 607,500 in the fourth quarter

2013 Medical vouchers to expire Sunday

Sunday (August. 31) is the last day that residents will be able to print and use 2013 medical vouchers. The Health Bureau provides printing and re-issuing services this weekend, located

Consul-General of Angola accused of sexual harassment

The Consul-General of Angola in Macau, Mr Pedro da Silva Feijó Sobrinho, has been accused of sexual harassment by a former consulate employee. According to a TDM report, the case

IC holds music sharing session

from the beginners to advanced musicians – will perform, followed by jazz bands that have been taught by the professors in charge of organizing the workshops. The Cultural Affairs Bureau

CONSTELLATIONS | Joan Miró’s surrealism meets dancers on stage

Artistic director and choreographer, Enrique Cabrera, told reporters yesterday that “Constellations” is part of a performance trilogy inspired by famous painters, such as Belgian René Magritte and Joan Miró. “Aracaladanza never

briefs: Exhibitions’ with moore visitors in 2Q

A total of 227 MICE events were held in the second quarter of 2014, one less than the number of events held in the same period last year, according to

The Sole Candidate on the Campaign Trail | Chui says tougher penalties for drug crimes depend on public opinion

An Electoral Committee member representing the social assistance sector said that Macau’s society is becoming increasingly complex, and so is the mindset of its young people. “More and more young

24-hour border crossing approved for industrial zone

The Chinese government has approved a proposal to extend crossing hours for the Zhuhai-Macau Cross Border Industrial Zone. Non-resident workers and Macau residents will be allowed to cross the border

Protest against soaring housing prices on eve of CE election

Recent months have witnessed a wave of protests, and there seem to be more ahead. Feeling the pressure of soaring housing prices, residents are preparing a demonstration for this Saturday,

Judiciary Police interrogates Jason Chao once more

Political activist Jason Chao was interrogated yesterday by Judiciary Police agents, as he faces aggravated disobedience charges for not complying with an order issued by the Office for Personal Data

Interview with Eileen Stow : ‘We’re looking to find a place to exp and production and double the workforce’

Lord Stow’s Bakery, founded by Englishman Andrew Stow, has been serving Macau’s famed egg tarts for 25 years, and plans to expand its production capacity as demand grows. In an

Expert warns against ‘new risks’ in business

Risk management has become an increasingly important matter for businesses. However, Kegan Chan, assistant vice president of Marsh Risk Consulting, suggested that “a lot of new risks arise” – but

Schwarzenegger to talk about his life in HK

world views: Keep China honest in Hong Kong’s election

How many times does China’s ruling Communist Party have to say that it opposes “genuine choice” in Hong Kong elections before the local democracy movement considers a Plan B? An answer

DSAT vows to wrap up major road projects soon

Chong Chi Keong, the head of DSAT’s department of coordination, said that all of the bureau’s road projects are approaching completion. The bureau will communicate with the contractors and other

Portuguese architect Siza Vieira to work on local hotel renovation project

Álvaro Siza Vieira is one of Portugal’s most recognized architects. He won the Pritzker Prize in 1992 for Portugal’s pavilion in Expo ’98 and in 2012 he was awarded the

Referendum detentions “hard to justify,” UM scholar says

A legal scholar told the South China Morning Post that “it is hard to justify the detentions” on those grounds. President of the Open Macau Society, Jason Chao, and four other

THE SOLE CANDIDATE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL | Chui: Free medical cover should be maintained

Yesterday Chui met with Election Committee members of the 2nd sector, which includes representatives from the cultural, educational, professional and sports fields. The meeting was held at the World Trade

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