Rear Window | Macau delivers

Even though we cannot project the outcome of the global public health crisis developing by the minute, as we pen this column we may evaluate how the MSAR government has

Rear Window | SARs through the Looking-Glass

First… we have to apologize for the Lewis Carrol copycat when it would be better to submit to the always fresh cliché of the tale of two cities,

Rear Window | The right and difficult stuff

Already speeding toward the double 20 - December 20th marks two decades as a Special Administrative Region - Macau is facing additional responsibilities as the ´good pupil` of

Rear Window | Squaring the circle

Hong Kong is apparently at its direst crossroads, stranded between Beijing’s resolve to restore order in the SAR and the symbolic strength Hongkonger foot protesters still manage to put up

Rear Window | Face off

Once again, Macau sails through that atypical season of a quiet and uneventful brand of local politics where and when anything goes. That is to say, in the

Rear Window | Pride that blinds

Contrary to some (un)conventional wisdom, making the case for the gentle, well-behaved, realistic Macau, as against the fiery and doomed Hong Kong, we think there is no reason to silence

Rear Window | Walled City

While penning this column, we do not know yet what happened at the so-called Hong Kong Town Hall meeting; and that is a disclaimer to guard ourselves from

Rear window | Polishing Chui Sai On’s legacy

Both President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, who handed the appointment certificate to Chief Executive-elect, unequivocally praised Ho Iat Seng on his contributions to the work of the National

Rear Window | Pepper spray & batons

…and the occasional downpour of rubber bullets, were found to be the appropriate answer to contain the huge crowds assembled to demand the dumping of the extradition bill

Rear Window | Back to basics

Two million Hong Kong residents felt obliged to go down to Admiralty to fight against a fishy extradition bill, deemed an “evil law” by the freshly released Occupy

Rear Window | Doomed to fail

The 30th anniversary of the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square, perhaps the most worrying of 2019 ephemerides, went by without so much as an unpredictable event, without too

Rear Window | Ho by himself

Now it is for real and definitive that political heavyweight Ho Iat Seng is running solo, unopposed and undisturbed, up the for confirmatory procedure of the small-circle selection

Rear Window | Fever mounts at… Macau SAR

Until the matter of the candidate - or candidates - selected to replace Chief Executive Chui Sai On is unequivocally settled, the political environment will be one in

Rear Window | The Fifth Dimension

The truth is…until former Chief Executive Edmund Ho gave his cryptic reading on the selection of the candidate to replace Chui Sai On at the helm of the

Rear Window | The deciding factor(s)

As we have said before in this column, and we will say it again, apparently all relevant central political tips are vouching for a Ho Iat Seng to

Rear Window | Sailing charted waters

Kitesurfer Hillian Siu had to postpone her pioneer friendship vol across the Pearl River Delta, from Cheung Chau Island in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the

Rear Window | Ho Iat Seng: the natural candidate

Today it will be too difficult to spot anybody who disbelieves Ho Iat Seng is to succeed Chui Sai On as Macau’s Chief Executive. Local entrepreneur and president

Rear Window | Red flags all along 2019

On the eve of Chinese New Year, we could not but accept the invitation to summarize in this column some of the worries - perhaps developing into threats –

Rear Window | Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit

It was again that time of happily be the recipients of the Lotus and the other Merit Awards… honoring those individuals, and entities, whose contributions latu sensu to

Rear Window | Coming of age

At first glance, we would not dare to say that MSAR was clearly roaring its engines and taking the fast lane to race towards its 20th anniversary in

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