Rear Window | What about Scott Chiang?

It looks like the Sulu Sou “affair” has come to a standstill! The Court of First Instance adjourned the trial (aggravated disobedience Sulu Sou/Scott Chiang) sine die pending a

Rear Window | Sitting on the dock of the bay

The New Year is traditionally the time to set (or not) our own petty resolutions for improvements deemed to be important (to ourselves), and here we tick the

Rear Window | Four days in Beijing

It is understandable that we would take Chief Executive Chui Sai On’s early December visit to Beijing to be nothing more than routine, although highly formal, utterly political,

Rear Window | Authority report

To make good use of the accurate Monday morning quarterback predictions we would say it was an easy guess to foresee that Wong Sio Chak’s day in the

Rear Window | Sulu Sou game changer

Sulu Sou took no time in looking around and warming himself to the technicalities and subtleties - if we are to term it “protocol”- of the role of

Rear Window | Stop making sense

Once again the Legislative Assembly killed the trade union bill on the first reading…if we are allowed to borrow from an inspired spaghetti-western style book to address the

Rear Window | How to wear two or more hats

Regardless of status, or anything else, everybody belongs to a community, either large or as small as the Macau Special Administrative Region, has to play many roles, has

Rear Window | Blind Runner

Sometimes it seems as if Macau will not allow itself a break, or an interval of nothing happening. It is as if the MSAR cannot stand smooth sailing

Rear Window | Undermining itself

While the ripples of Hato disaster still dominate MSAR life… perhaps it is a convenient, if not an auspicious, occasion to address what prevents Macau from being the

Rear Window | Smear tactics

Why we are not surprised a jot that the hyper-regulated campaign for the September 17th Legislative Elections could not limit itself to the realm of low politics and just

Rear Window | Hato demanding accountability

Before anything else we ought to mourn for the people killed in the Typhoon Hato in the allegedly ill-prepared Macau. We underline as a disclaimer that the overall

Rear Window | Ignore the content

Almost nobody in good faith would doubt the diligence and seriousness with which the Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election - aka CAEAL - took the

Rear Window | Dress code for all seasons

Departing Vong Hin Fai - as an appointed bencher and one soon to replace fellow lawmaker and lawyer Leonel Alves as the Professional Interests functional constituency representative at

Rear Window | Vexing Issues

1 - Here we go again with the four-yearly procedure to select, by universal suffrage, a 14-seat section of the 33-strong floor of the Legislative Assembly at the

Rear Window | Conflicts of interest

Once again, veteran lawmaker Pereira Coutinho is running for a directly elected seat in the Legislative Assembly (AL), heading the New Hope list, better known by the Portuguese

Rear Window | New Macau looking for a third-wave the run-up to the 2017 Legislative Assembly elections, Scott Chiang abandoned the top job at the New Macau Association (ANM), leaving local pro-democracy in the odd situation

Rear Window | One Belt, One Road fascination

The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road - together The Initiative - attracted to Beijing nearly 70 countries and international organizations unable to

Rear Window | Unintended consequences

To the dismay of many a “mind your own business and nothing bad will happen to you” type of responsible citizen, political confrontation in the sister SAR of Hong

Rear Window | Festival of ideas

Trying to copy, rather borrow or emulate, from scenario-building methods in order to get a light reading on the immediate future in the Macau Special Administrative Region, we

Rear Window | Lucky Number Seven

We are aware that once we are about to enter the popular narrative realm of a fairy tale, the tone is set to “once upon a time.” Similarly, we

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