Rear Window | Macau reinventing itself…again

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Lisbon, ending in a tour that took him to the G-20 in Argentina, to Panama and Spain, would necessarily be followed

Rear Window | Boldly inaccurate

Despite a sort of social commotion rooted in a long-time bonding with Bobo, one would have said that the Flora Garden’s oldest (?) inmate passing away was to

Rear Window | Blowing off some steam

Since Denis Papin’s digester everybody knows that you cannot manage a pressure cooker without something to let off some steam …whether screamingly high or low pitch! This technical

Rear Window | Contrasting tendencies

Despite the almost negligible cash-flow retreat, these days of the heavy showering of bills from the 45 Casinos’ Golden Week seems not enough to brighten up the concerned

Rear Window | Macau after Typhoon Mangkhut

These days we find ourselves turning to recollect a former Portuguese prime-minister who was credited with having said - although he was not exactly a follower of the

Rear Window | Lei Kong on trial for defamation

First of all we have to plead for your leniency on the untasteful title a la social realism, and for the very word leniency that usually sends shivers

Opinion | Rear Window – Legislative Assembly: Unexplained haircut

Beyond its functions and powers, the Basic Law gives the Legislative, within an Executive-led system, the role of the president, so much so we dare to say the

Rear Window | Gang of nine vs Sulu Sou

If the Legislative Assembly members were only about establishing it as a space of free speech, no matter how spirited or spicy the exchanges between

Rear Window | Killing me softly

If it were a fictional protagonist of a tragedy characterized as sensitive and prone to meek hysterics… this persona, being the judicial system, would shout: they are killing

Rear Window | Rumor-mongers on the watch list

Here we go again heading into normal peak typhoon season! From July all the way to September, people and government departments are keen to prevent the dire consequences

Rear Window | Game of Appeals: Caution and tact highly recommended

Not knowing whether the Public Prosecution Office has filed an appeal against Sulu Sou and Scott Chiang sentencing as we draft this column… we would rather look into

Rear Window | Driving woes

Today we would like to lighten up your usual Legco and Courts column with a social affairs theme: cars, cars and cars. A little will be… with a

Rear Window | Presumed guilty

First things first; we should begin with an unequivocal disclaimer of not having any suspicion,  no shadow of a doubt at all, of the full independence and

Rear Window | David vs Goliath

The repeated biblical story of how the underdog David came to beat the mighty Goliath is a good metaphor for improbable victories as well as a good measure

Rear Window | Jumping into the crowd

We would like to be able to say that out of the blue, the Legislative Assembly took the bold step to recommend to the MSAR government an overall

Rear Window | Executive privilege

Once again, Chief Executive Chui Sai On left the government building for Nam Van Lake’s Legislative Assembly to take part in a plenary session called to debate matters

Rear Window | They are all birds of a feather

It is no wonder that in such a small place like Macau - truly, any small place real or otherwise - rumor, gossip, bad information or good innuendo,

Rear Window | Unstoppable machine

Given the lousy days rolling on the MSAR, we guess the mood within the unbreakable New Macau Association (ANM) party… to not say ANM’s lot of pro-democracy die-hards…should be

Rear Window | Polishing the judiciary

Everyone saw it coming! The Secretary for Administration and Justice’s candid confirmation that the proposal to amend the MSAR judiciary law will or would prevent foreign judges from

Rear Window | Getting beyond Wynn fall

Suddenly… the barrage of claims of sexual misconduct that brought down conspicuous figures from politics, business and entertainment, starting from about last fall with Harvey Weinstein, have indirectly

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