This Day in History | 2003 – Saddam Hussein captured

The ousted President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, is under arrest after he was captured by US soldiers. “Ladies and gentlemen, we got him,” US administrator Paul Bremer told

Rugby Academy | Bats & company win U16 Premiership final

Local rugby team the Macau Bats played last Sunday in the Hong Kong Premiership Bowl play-off final. The Bats have combined forces with the Flying

Football | Champions League | Mourinho selection backfires, United misses out on top spot

MAN UNITED 1, VALENCIA 2 Manchester United missed the chance to finish top of its Champions League group as an understrength team lost 2-1 at

World briefs

CAMBODIA’s Parliament passed legislation yesterday that could allow the lifting of a five-year ban on political activity by some top opposition politicians. THAILAND A policeman

The Buzz | Janet Jackson, Def Leppard, Nicks join Rock Hall of Fame

Janet Jackson joins her brother Michael and the Jackson 5 as members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, earning induction yesterday along with Stevie Nicks and

Lu Guang | Police confirm arrest of Chinese photographer, wife says

Police have confirmed they have arrested a prominent Chinese photographer who had been missing more than a month, his wife said. Authorities informed relatives of

Indonesia arrests five foreigners in Bali for drug smuggling

Indonesian police said some of the five foreigners who have been arrested for alleged drug smuggling on the tourist island of Bali since the end of

Kapok | Yellow is the new red

In a recent op-ed published in the South China Morning Post, renowned blogger Jason Ng draws an instructive parallel between the on-going Yellow Vests Movement

Friday, December 14, 2018 – edition no. 3192

* Casino workers asking for 5-8 percent more * Bots join automation in smart city push * ‘Melancholy of Gods’ wins local view power * Migrant girls vanish into Asian trafficking networks   DOWNLOAD

Shadow, the master’s Three Kingdoms saga

  * Movie: The Mule * Book: Broken Ground by Val McDermid * Music: The Prophet Speaks by Van Morrison * Wine: The Nomenclatural

‘Broken Ground’ gives new insight to Scotland’s role in war

The past is always in the present for Edinburgh Detective Chief Inspector Karen Pirie, making her fifth appearance in Val McDermid’s expertly plotted “Broken Ground.” As head

Van Morrison’s latest finds him in relaxed, swinging groove

The first thing longtime listeners to Van Morrison will notice is the lack of angst — his 40th studio album is missing the usual complaints about the

In ‘The Mule,’ Clint reflects on a life on the road

Both tender apologia and vigorous justification, Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule” is a deeply, fascinatingly personal meditation from the 88-year-old director who, like his aged drug mule protagonist,

Zhang Yimou’s ‘Shadow’ is breathtakingly beautiful saga

Black ink drips from the tip of a brush and daggers into clear water, spiraling out like smoke; a Chinese zither sounds a ferocious, twanging note that

The Nomenclatural Exception

In the timeless tragedy Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare wrote “ rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. This generally applies to grape varieties – even

kitchenwise | Braised short ribs: an adaptation

This is actually an adaptation of a recipe by a very talented New York chef named Tom Valenti. Who (no pun intended) is known for his stick

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