IFFAM | ‘Empire Hotel’ director sees ‘promising future’ for locally-produced films

Ivo Ferreira, Portuguese director of the locally-inspired film “Empire Hotel,” has detailed that the movie has been his reality since his arrival in the SAR in

IFFAM – Mary Queen of Scots | A tale of intrigue and sisterhood

In “Mary Queen of Scots” two 16th-century queens compete for influence as an English succession crisis begins to unfold. A tale of political intrigue, the cousin-queens

New agreement to foster mainland-Macau trade

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the local government agreed yesterday to introduce 19 measures to foster economic and trade ties between the mainland and Macau.

Film ‘Space Intellectual’ to launch in celebration of 20th handover anniversary

The launching ceremony of the first science fiction film jointly financed by Macau and mainland China, titled “Space Intellectual,” was held yesterday at the Macau University of Science

Briefs | Coro Perosi holds annual concert

Coro Perosi held its annual concert on Sunday, with the theme “Celebration of Life.” The organization performed Gabriel Fauré songs, in addition to a series of Christmas songs.

Macau ranks 30 in  passport strength index

Macau passports are ranked number 30 in the most powerful passport index with passport holders able to travel to 129 visa-free countries, according to a report

Education | UM’s first batch of Chinese language courses concluded

The University of Macau (UM) Confucius Institute recently held the first graduation ceremony in the 2018/2019 academic year for students from its Chinese language courses. According

Public tender opened for new hospital complex

Notice of the public tender for the Islands District Medical Complex was published yesterday in the government bulletin. The tender details specifically on the construction of

Lionel Leong pledges to maintain local dealers policy

The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong, said yesterday that local casinos will not be allowed to hire non-local croupiers. Leong’s statement comes after a

MGTO presents new projects on ‘smart tourism,’ reviews preliminary results

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) presented the preliminary results of developments related to the construction of a “smart city” and what that means for the field of

‘Artificial Intelligence’ to improve tourism service

Some of the novelties that the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) plans to implement over the next year together with the new applications for visitors are

Corporate bits | Wynn recognizes employee volunteers

Wynn recently organized “Wynn Cares – Volunteer Day” on UN International Volunteer Day in order to recognize the volunteers who have contributed their time and effort over the

China electric-car gold rush lures hopefuls as Tesla push looms

The gold rush that is China’s electric-car market is getting its latest entrant as a slew of local manufacturers fight for a foothold ahead of Tesla Inc.’s planned

Huawei CFO gets bail; China detains ex-Canadian diplomat

A Canadian court granted bail yesterday to a top Chinese executive arrested at the United States’ request in a case that has set off a diplomatic furor among

Analysis | Beijing plays hardball with ex-diplomat’s seizure

China is playing hardball with the detention of a former Canadian diplomat days after Canada arrested a leading Chinese executive. In many ways it looks like

Default-risk jumps to 2005 high, says Moody’s Analytics

Default risk for Chinese companies has climbed to the highest in 13 years as Beijing seeks to rein in its post-crisis construction boom, according to Moody’s

Hong Kong | Bill may hand tax exemptions to local hedge funds

Hong Kong has proposed widening tax breaks to include hedge and private equity funds that are domiciled in the city in a move market watchers say should

Vietnam is coming out on top in the US-China trade war

In the race to lure companies looking for alternative sites amid the U.S.-China trade war, Vietnam wields a slew of advantages over its rivals. Vietnam

Korean border troops verify removal of each other’s posts

Dozens of North and South Korean soldiers crossed over the world’s most heavily armed border Wednesday as they inspected the sites of their rival’s front-line guard posts

France | Five detained as hunt begins for Christmas market terror suspect

French authorities detained five people as they hunted yesterday for a suspected extremist who sprayed gunfire at one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets in the eastern

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